Athleisure Wear


Athleisure – Workouts or hangouts? Ditch the change!

Woah! So what’s athleisure exactly?

Well, athleisure precisely is all about combining athletic wear with leisure wear, ditching the change routine between your training and gaming sessions; and bridging the gap between your workouts and hangouts! You can rightfully call them comfort clothes for your fashionable best! All in all, they are style trends that look sporty but are not only meant for sports. These can and should be worn elsewhere, anywhere and everywhere!

What kind of stuff actually falls under athleisure?

From sporty joggers to athletic shorts and jaunty trim tees, we have got it all stocked in for you! Hep tank tees and crop tops not only add a dash of chic to our collection of athleisure but also to your wardrobe! Be it the basic shades of navy blue, maroon, grey, white and black or vibrant hues of pop blue, bold red, aqua and yellow amongst others or pastels of salmon and mint, you are sure to turn heads around town, people!

What is so unique about the way Bewakoof provides athleisure?

The Array. Yes guys, the choice you get while shopping is pretty important, especially when about to fit into a new fashion trend. We here at Bewakoof not just provide you with the right colours and designs but also a huge array of the same. From options ranging from superheroes to quotes to abstract to sporty stuff, we can vouch that this is going to be your ultimate athleisure paradise!

How can one make the most of athleisure?

Remember this, athleisure is made for you to save the time and trouble of changing attires when switching between places; hence, wear it anywhere, quite literally. It is supposed to go into your gym wear collection legitimately, but it’s got to go in the office wear section of your wardrobe as well (that is, if worn right and ofcourse if your office is as chill as Bewakoof’s). So don’t be shy people! Gaming session or training session, it actually works anywhere you’d like!

Why the fabric used at Bewakoof is perfect for athleisure?

Whether it is about sports or leisure, fabric is automatically of utmost importance! And we here at Bewakoof have made it our priority! Hence, we like to concentrate on the comfort level of our materials as much as we like to consider the style quotient that we provide you with! Made from 100% cotton, our clothes are snug-fit, extremely airy and perspire-friendly; hence assuring to keep you happy all day!

So, what are you waiting for? Athleisure for men or Athleisure for women? We have it all! Go shop now!