iPhone X Glass Back Covers


An All Glass Phone Needs All Glass Protection

iPhone X is arguably one of the costliest smartphones by Apple. It has to be. Everything about the phone screams majestic- from the screen to hardware to the camera to the OS. A phone like this feels really good to hold in hands.

While the phone looks splendid, an all-glass build is its biggest handicap. Most phone manufacturers are moving toward designing and manufacturing all-glass premium phones in order to make it easier for the phones to receive signals better and charge wirelessly. They use toughened glass to make their phones which in all probability is good as it can absorb shocks and looks classic but that's where the good ends. Can glass last forever? Yes, it can if kept in one place or moved carefully. But how can we deal with all-glass phones? We remove or put phones in our pockets several times a day. We lift it and keep it on and off the table/chair several times a day. We use our phones while walking or driving. And any careless handling of the phone can cause damages to the phone.

Reasons to Buy a Back Case for iPhone X

Owning an iPhone is a pretty costly deal and in order to protect your investment, you must buy an iPhone X glass cover. A glass back cover on a glass-body phone is a killer combination. It's like a match made in heaven. Check for a range of glass back iPhone X on bewakoof.com and buy the one or two that suits your mood and style.

The iPhone X glass back cover is the best accompaniment for your favourite iPhone. Here’s a look at the features of the iPhone X Plus glass cover to help you arrive at a quick decision.

1. Tempered glass back with a glossy finish

The iPhone X glass cover is made of tempered glass which, apart from being strong, is also durable and can absorb most shocks. The printed back cover comes in a range of designs and colours to give your phone a rich look. The iPhone has a status that no phone on earth can match. The phone has the looks and all you need is a beautiful iPhone X glass cover to complement its looks. The iPhone X Plus glass cover will make the phone look even more luxurious, stylish, and premium.

2. Lightweight

iPhone X is a big and bulky phone and no matter what you do, the chances of a bulky phone slipping from hands are quite real. If you are using a back cover, the back cover should help you protect your phone and not add weight. The iPhone X glass back cover is so light that you will not even feel they are on the phone. We have made the iPhone X glass cover with light and sturdy materials. Another hallmark of the back cover is it has rubber edges that help with a soft landing on any surface.

3. High impact resistance

Each mobile phone cover comes with triple protection of glass back, bumper protection, and TPU plastic all of which combine to give your phone protection from accidental falls. Now that's what we call real protection.

4. Easy access to standard buttons and ports

All iPhone X glass back covers from Bewakoof have been designed to give you easy access to all standard ports and buttons so that you can turn on/off, charge your iPhone X easily.

5. Choices of designs and colours

There is no reason to limit imagination to just a few basic back covers. We have exciting colours, quirky one-liners, comic elements, and whatnot, just to ensure the design you select goes well with your personality. Bewakoof.com has a collection of iPhone X plus glass cover for every reason, every season, and every mood. Just go and pick up your style you like.

Why Should You Buy Glass Back iPhone X Online at Bewakoof.com?

At Bewakoof.com, we make innovative, smart, stylish, purposeful, and thoughtful products such as men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, mobile covers, and accessories. Every single printed back cover has been designed by designers under the able guidance of professional industry experts.

All iPhone X glass covers are made with premium quality materials and that shows in the quality of all cases. We deliver excellent products at prices that no one else can offer. Although our prices are low, we do not cut corners at any stage: from sourcing to the selling process. We believe that our printed back covers will offer you functionality, looks, and comfort, without costing you much.

We also assure you of “WYSIWYG-- What You See Is What You Get,” to deliver what you’ve ordered. Nothing less and nothing more. Speed is our second name. All iPhone 7 plus glass covers are delivered to you at super-speed so that your phone can get the protection it deserves faster. All items you see online are in stock and ready to ship.

There’s more to our promise. If you order your glass back iPhone X, you can exchange or return it to us within 15-days for another design or colour of choice. For more discounts than what you see on each of the iPhone X glass back covers, you can sign up to become a TriBe member today.