Nokia 5.1 Plus Mobile Covers

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Today, everyone owns a smartphone. But, no matter what year a smartphone is released in, it will always be fragile. They may be built with metal or plastic, covered in glass, but they are not the strongest pieces of technology. This is why as soon as someone invests in a phone, it’s ideal to purchase a phone case too. 

Smartphones are continuously held in our hands from the moment we wake up. While most of us are responsible while having them out, accidents can happen at any time. We can be as careful as we want while holding our phones but one slip and that phone is going to be having at least a four-foot drop. Most phones also come with a glass back and glass can easily crack. This is why regardless of how expensive the phone is, it is best to invest in Mobile Covers.

What are back covers?

A screen protector will protect the front of your screen, but what about the back? Today, most phones come with either plastic, metal, or glass back. A phone with a glass back will suffer the worst impact of a fall as the back glass is sure to get shattered. And, let’s be honest, no one likes their phones to have a scratched up back.

Among all the mobile accessories available today, phone cases are by far the most important. A back cover provides all-round protection for your smartphone. They not only look good but also provide a good grip on your phone. They also have raised edges that make sure when you accidentally drop your phone the screen does not take the blunt impact of the drop. This gives your entire phone a bit more protection.

When choosing a Nokia 5.1 Plus back cover, you will find a plethora of options on You can go for something in a solid colour, or you could go for something with a design or quote on it. The Nokia 5.1 Plus case has a large amount of space available at the back, which forms a great canvas for showing off any design that you love. It covers the back of the phone and adds to the overall look of it. 

What does Bewakoof offer?

Not only does Bewakoof have some of the best looking phone cases, but also have them for almost every phone in the market like Nokia Back Covers. You can find a plethora of mobile accessories on both the website and the app. 

How is Bewakoof different?

1. There are designs from every genre to suit the preferences of almost everyone. 

2. Our phone cases have a matte finish which gives them a better grip. 

3. The print is of high quality and will not wear off with constant usage. 

4. You can find multiple brands for back covers to choose from on like Samsung Back Covers, Xiaomi Covers and more.

5. The phone cases are extremely budget-friendly, and you can purchase two or three covers at once and use them alternately.  

6. The phone cases fit snugly on the phone, and the buttons are easy to access. 

What kind of Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases can you find at Bewakoof?

1. Simple patterns: Some people love keeping it simple and prefer simple patterns. This kind of a Nokia 5.1 Plus back cover is excellent for using at work or in other formal and professional settings.

2. Movie and TV show references: If you are a movie or TV show buff, you can easily find a Nokia cover that can easily match your favourite fandom. `Now you can proudly walk around with your fandom on display.

3. Meme references: Memes are the language of the youth today. Memes have become a part of our daily lives, and we even use memes to communicate and express ourselves. Therefore, it is quite natural for meme lovers to show off their love for memes by having a Nokia 5.1 Plus back cover that has a meme reference. Bewakoof has several quirky meme covers and not just in Nokia but also in Realme Back Covers collection or any other brand.

4. Cute and cuddly animal designs: If you are someone who likes cute animal designs for your Nokia 5.1 Plus case, then you will definitely find an adorable one here. Bewakoof has a great collection of phone cases with animal designs on them. 

5. Motivational quotes: Everyone needs a hit of daily motivation, and what better place to have your favourite quotes than on your phone? You look at your phone a lot and chances are, you will see the back cover quite often too. Your Nokia 5.1 Plus back cover is the perfect canvas to display a message you believe in.

6. Floral patterns: There are many people that absolutely love floral patterns. They have floral designs on all their accessories, including mobile accessories. A Nokia 5.1 Plus Cover is the perfect cover for a gorgeous floral pattern. Be it dark florals or light florals, your phone will look greatly aesthetic with a classy and gorgeous cover. A floral cover looks aesthetically pleasing and is quite classy. 

Budget Friendly

Back covers at Bewakoof are of high quality, durable and also very much affordable. All the mobile covers be it any brand are at the best price possible. Also for those who are having Tribe Membership will never have to pay full price. 


If you want to increase the longevity of your phone, then a back cover is a must. Our phones accompany us everywhere, and as a generation of people that love expressing themselves in every way possible, a back cover also reflects our preferences and choices. Bewakoof has a wide range of Nokia 5.1 Plus cases that provide excellent protection and added style. So hurry and shop now! But don't forget to check out our other categories like Notebooks, Backpacks and more.