OnePlus 6 Glass Back Covers

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We live in technologically advanced times. Everything is just a click away and there is practically no task that can’t be done with a phone. Whether we like it or not, the technological gadgets have taken over our lives.

The star of this tech-kingdom is definitely our mobile phones. What started out as a communication luxury only a few could afford, has now become a necessity.

For many of us, it is the first thing we look at, the moment we wake up and the last thing we see while dozing off to sleep. Yes, the world has come to such a state where the majority of us are glued to our cellphones 24/7.

As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”, the endless possibilities that our phone has brought us surely deserve some care in return, right? While we're sure you are careful about your phone, it is still impossible to avoid scratching your mobiles.

So, for the next time when you wish to give your phone better protection, try Bewakoof’s mobile back cover.

Premium glass covers: A luxurious protection

Now comes the decision of the type of cover that suits your phone best in terms of providing protection to it. A word to the wise, there is a new mobile back cover trending on the block!

The latest innovations in the world of android phones push the market of mobile accessories as well. Phones such as Oneplus 6 that have a feather-touch screen and a matte-finish body require much more than just a common back cover.

Our answer to this challenge is the premium Oneplus 6 glass cover.

Oneplus 6 glass cover: A majestic cover for a majestic phone

The latest addition to the grand range of mobile back covers at Bewakoof is the Oneplus 6 glass back cover. Packed with exclusive trendy designs and finish, along with a hardcore premium protection, these back covers serve the best of both worlds.

Why should you go for an Oneplus 6 glass back case?

An obvious question here is ‘what is so great about a glass cover for Oneplus 6?’

We know you won’t buy anything without weighing the pros and cons. So here are some of the advantages of a premium Oneplus 6 glass cover to help out in your decision:

  • A-class technology:

    The Oneplus 6 glass cover is designed with a brilliant compression glass technology that provides it with a foolproof shock or damage resistance. Not only that, but the tempered glass also provides your phone with a glossy and lux finish that adds to the glory of your device.

  • Triple-layered bodyguard:

    Bewakoof’s Oneplus 6 mobile back cover comes with a promise of authentic manufacturing. The glass back cover is assembled in a triple coverage format consisting of an innermost glass layer, a middle strong frame providing bumper shielding, and the outermost TPU case. With a case like this, your phone would still be crisp and pristine despite a fall.

  • Geek out over the coolest merchandise:

    Are you a Potterhead? Or a Marvel movie fanatic? Then the fandom corner at Bewakoof is the perfect place for you. With official designs from some of the most popular franchises, we bet that your mobile back cover will definitely make a statement.

  • Customize your heart out!

    We know you want a phone case that is functional and fashionable. That's why we provide you with a plethora of fashionable designs.

    At Bewakoof you have the option of choosing HD prints that your heart desires. The glass cover for Oneplus 6 at Bewakoof is made with customized prints or patterns. Be sure to amaze people when you whip out your phone in public!

  • Trendy but not bulky!

    While everybody loves to have a good phone back cover for protection, a bulky hardcover can often be a dealbreaker for many.

    Oneplus 6 in itself is such a sleek phone, so, making it bulky will dull the look. But fear not, because the Oneplus 6 glass back case that we've got for you is a lightweight phone cover that you might not even feel, as an addition to your phone.

    But don't be fooled by the lightweight cover because the carefully curated custom size that makes for a snug fit for every phone and maximum coverage protection can give even the bulkiest of covers a run for their money.

Buying a glass cover for Oneplus 6 is going to be the perfect choice if you are looking for a protective yet modish phone case.

Why Should You Buy Oneplus 6 back case Online at

At Bewakoof we understand that even though buying a mobile back cover might not seem like that big of a task, it means a lot to the ones buying it. We don't want to let our customers down and we want to offer them something unique each time. Glass covers for Oneplus 6 at Bewakoof are no stranger to this.

We ensure that the covers designed here are truly one-of-a-kind just like you and that each product is manufactured with technological efficiency and goes through an extreme quality and performance testing.

At Bewakoof our customer's trust is the top priority and we strive to make sure that there is maximum transparency between you and us. You can buy a mobile back cover whenever you want and if you don’t like it or perhaps want to exchange it, Bewakoof offers a 15-day return and refund policy where you can send back the case and choose another new one as per your taste.

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