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10 Best Ranveer Singh Wedding Dresses For Ultimate Inspo

The quintessential Bollywood power couple, Ranveer and Deepika’s sartorial fashion choices for their wedding and the subsequent receptions after the ceremony, have left their fans and the fashion fraternity enthralled. Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding in Italy saw the couple donning some seriously elegant ensembles. Cut to their grand receptions in Mumbai & Bengaluru, the two lovebirds complemented each other’s outfits fabulously with enchanting, high-fashion outfits.

Ranveer Singh may be best known for his acting skills, but over time has made a name for himself in the Indian fashion scene. At times, even outshining his stunning bride with OTT fashion choices and groom-worthy looks - Ranveer Singh wedding outfits have become the new benchmark for menswear in ethnic Indian fashion.

Sporting the menswear ensembles designed by the likes of Sabyasachi and Shantanu & Nikhil, Ranveer’s striking style has carved a niche amongst the Indian glitterati. Known for his eccentric style and bold fashion, he has a massive influence on the menswear market and wedding culture thanks to his own impeccable #OOTDs during his wedding to Deepika.

The big fat Indian wedding comes back in full force with the advent of winter and the new year; and if you are here for some hardcore wedding style inspo, you’re in the right place! Ranveer Singh wedding dresses have so many style cues to offer and we’re here with a list of our 10 favorites. Read on, to get-set for the wedding mahaul!

Rouge, Red, Vermillion:

When it comes to Indian weddings, no color shines quite as bright and as the color red. Symbolizing passion, togetherness, love and auspicious union - shades of red, maroon and vermillion are considered to be the traditional colors of any Hindu wedding ceremony. Ranveer’s red Kanjeevaram sherwani, designed by Sabyasachi Mukerjee, paired with a traditional ‘leheriya’ scarf, and layered jewellery made of granets, diamonds and emeralds; was the perfect choice for their north Indian style Sindhi ceremony.

Styling Cue: Pair a luxe and traditional banarasi brocade kurta or sherwani with a flamboyant stole and pagdi to ace this look. Don’t forget to add layers of classic Indian jewellery along with this wedding Ranveer Singh dress style.

Velvety Classic:

Striking gold embellishment and embroidery on a bed of luxe black velvet is what makes this Rohit Bal ensemble a vision to behold. The stunning contrast of gold on black makes this combination the perfect choice for a formal event or a reception. One of the most special ensembles of the Ranveer Singh wedding dresses saga, this classic outfit was worn by the superstar at his lavish wedding reception in Bangalore. His neatly groomed hairstyle and perfectly coiffed moustache add to the regal appeal of this look. We stan this one hardcore!

Styling Cue: To pull off a classically flamboyant style and color schemes like this one, a sherwani is a must! Pick the right fit and profile for you to ensure that it looks sharp and flattering. Check out our lowdown on 6 fabulous sherwani styles to pick the right one for you. Once you have your sherwani style picked, go for a black and gold color combo to emulate Ranveer’s impeccable style in wedding outfits for men.

Dapper Pink:

Here’s a great Ranveer Singh kurta inspo for the Millenials out there who love to mix things up with their unconventional and chic sense of style. A great airport look and an awesome way to kick-off post wedding events, this contemporary Millennial pink kurta makes all the right fashion statements. Lightweight, simple and breezy, yet with a luxe embellished collar & placket to finish it off - this is the pink kurta your wedding ceremonies need!

Pink kurta | ranveer singh wedding dresses - Bewakoof Blog
Source: Bridals.PK

Styling Cue: Ensure that you wear a stunning pair of jutis to complement this ensemble. Get inspired with one of the most chill examples of Ranveer Singh wedding dresses and contrast your Millennial pink kurta with a subtly contrasting beige or off-white churidar. Keep the accessorising simple and don a pair of classic ray-bans or your fave sunnies to finish it off.

A Beige Statement:

Ranveer Singh’s monochromatic beige bandhgala kurta with matching pyjamas was a truly simplistic, yet remarkable fashion statement. Ranveer beautifully complimented his new bride’s ornate dupatta with his chic ensemble from S&N. Ornamented buttons and sleek slippers with an embroidered motif, elevate Ranveer’s simplistic look to the newly-wed realm. If you are looking for a Ranveer Singh kurta pajama style to go well with a more lowkey ceremony for 2020 - look no further!

Styling Cue: A monochromatic head-to-toe outfit is always best in light, airy colors like shades of whites, beige and pastels. To add a wedding flair to this style, opt for minimal, yet significant detailing is present in the overall outfit. For example, a special element can be added in the form of special buttons, cuff-links, footwear or jewellery. To truly take a styling cue from this Ranveer Singh marriage dress, ensure that your accessories and footwear also blend into the monochromatic color scheme of the overall outfit.

Motif Stand-out:

At their post-wedding party in Mumbai, Ranveer opted for an impressive sherwani that sported striking multi-color floral motifs. Contrasting this sherwani with a slated gray pair of trousers elevated its stylish mix-n-match appeal. While most Ranveer Singh wedding dresses are put together with a focus on matching and complementary color schemes, this one is the rule breaker of the lot - much like Ranveer himself!

Multi-color floral motifs | ranveer singh wedding dresses - Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

Styling Cue: Mixing things up can get a little difficult if you are not in fashion, design or have a great interest in styling with patterns. However, small and simple techniques can be used by anyone to juxtapose elements that complement and contrast each other at the same time. For example, while Ranveer’s sherwani features multi-color embroidery motifs, they are set on a black background. Thus the gray trousers, while being in complete contrast with the rest of the outfit, still complements the sherwani as it belongs to the same color family (achromatic) as the base color (black). To tie it all together, Ranveer has worn warm-toned brownish burgundy shoes that complement the warmer tones in the multi-color floral motifs. Thinking in ‘head-to-toe’ terms always helps bring a multi-patterned outfit together.

Lush Textures:

Displaying his panache for fun textures and experimental looks, Ranveer hit it out of the park with this sparkling wedding dress for men. Sporting a magnanimous beard and moustache, he pulled off this striking attire in his 2016 film ‘Befikre’. A fearless, yet approachable option, this is one of those Ranveer Singh wedding dresses that will have anyone shining bright on their big day.

Lush Textures | ranveer singh wedding dresses - Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

Styling Cue: Whether you are wearing a sherwani or a bandhgala, the choice of your outfit separates - the kurta & churidar/pyjama/trouser - are equally important to make an impactful appearance. Picking the accompanying garments in the same base color as your embellished star-piece is a great and easy way to curate a complete look. You can also try styling the bandhgala or sherwani with accompaniments that match one of the major colors in the embellishment of your centerpiece.

Quintessential Dulha:

Custom designed by Indian fashion veteran Sabyasachi Mukerjee, Ranveer’s traditional outfit for his Konkani wedding ceremony was a sight to behold. Simple, clean, yet incredibly luxurious, this outfit featured a simple dhoti, an ivory white silk kurta with delicate embellishments, and the traditional ‘mundavlya’ which is worn across the forehead by the bride as well as the groom. Stylishly accented by a gold weave, this outfit made for a fresh and stylish cultural statement. Among all the other Ranveer Singh wedding dresses, this is the one to look up to if you are looking for a style statement that is enhanced by subtlety and simplicity.

Styling Cue: Keep accessorizing minimal to nil, and focus on the purity of this ensemble when styling. Cream and gold always tend to complement traditional ceremonies in the south for the groom, however, you can opt for silver or other metallics if you would like to get a little experimental.

Tree Of Life:

The ‘We’re leaving for our honeymoon’ outfit is almost as important a part of any groom’s wedding trousseau as is their ceremonial garb. Ranveer Singh outfits always come with a twist & his airport look as the couple leave for their honeymoon screams elegance in a stylishly unconventional fashion. Cheerfully complimenting his newly-wed bride’s outfit in a stunning white ensemble, Ranveer’s joy in this one radiates palpably. Featuring a classic ‘Tree-of-life’ multicolor motif, this is a wedding choice that exudes happiness, grace and confidence.

White multicolor motif | ranveer singh wedding dresses - Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

Styling Cue: An all white or cream look is a special one to plan for your wedding outfits line-up. Keep one star piece that is embellished in colors that are slated & washed out, or tonal to keep an interesting texture. Move over heavy looks inspired by more typical Ranveer Singh wedding dresses and all those Ranveer Singh reception dress copy-cats - we recommend that this is the look to emulate for a more free-spirited wedding journey!

Deep Florals:

On a visit to receive blessings for their new married life at the Golden Temple, Ranveer wore a light-weight printed ensemble featuring a heavy-weight fashion trend. Floral patterns, prints and embroideries that feature darker and more lush tones are called ‘dark florals’ and these have been all the rage for almost a decade. Matching his headscarf to the lush berry tones of this outfit, Ranveer created quite the stir with this sartorial choice. A man who sports florals with such confidence? We love the swagger of this sartorial choice!

Styling Cue: You can go all out with the ‘dark florals’ trend for your wedding trousseau as it is a classic move - however, if you would like to keep things a little lighter, go for a digitally printed ensemble. Remember to wear complementary accessories - like jutis or a scarf & turn heads with your bold and stylish choice.

Cream & Gold:

Little can ever go wrong with a classic cream & gold combination. However, Ranveer took this tonal trend to a whole new level for his Mumbai reception with a jaw-dropping ensemble from Rohit Bal. Rohit Bal is a designer who is known to specialize in neutral shade combinations such as cream & gold - and this is one of the Ranveer Singh wedding dresses that bears a clear signature from this veteran designer. His elaborate outfit is magnanimous in its appeal and full of elegant flair. Yet, it manages to enhance Ranveer’s natural features rather than overwhelm his profile. Cream & gold combinations usually are the most elegant choices for such high-end affairs.

Styling Cue: There is no better color combination than cream and gold in the Indian fashion scene, to get inspired from if you wish to put together a curated wedding look. You just cannot go wrong with this one no matter your taste, choice, or styling capabilities.

Ranveer Singh suits and choices of wedding attire will go down in Indian fashion history as one of the most well thought-out line-ups of wedding outfits. Do you feel ready to ride that big fat Indian wedding wave this season? Go on, get your ducks in a row - our styling cues are sure to elevate your outfit planning and take your marriage looks to a whole new level of elegance.

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