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Embarrassed, But Proud - 10 Weird Things Girls Do But Will Never Admit

Women’s heart is an ocean of secrets.

Some, we take to the grave. Others become daily topics of discussion amongst our group of girlfriends. And then there is the third category, where ‘secrets about girls' translate to ‘weird things girls do but would never accept no matter how minuscule.’ Things that we wouldn’t admit, even to ourselves. We know for a fact that all girls do it too, but we still dread the day they find out that we’re a part of the same club, and we lead the same lives as them. If word goes out about these, everyone around us would be grossed out, including ourselves.

That’s just how it goes, doesn’t it? It’s a vicious cycle, one which we’re all inevitably a part of. This is probably why we have been called ‘complicated’ by the men around us so many times. Girls' secrets are just not meant for boys to know. Today, on the occasion of women’s day, let’s pull the cover off of these ‘embarrassing’ things we all do but would never admit to. And if it makes you feel any better, they are things that make you, YOU.

  1. Peeing in the shower.
    Now, we know there is a designated spot to do this. And we also know that it won’t take us a lot of effort to walk to this designated spot i.e. the toilet seat. JUST a few steps away from the shower, no biggie. But hey; it’s all going down the same drain so what the hell! Right?
  2. Farting in public.
    They won’t ever find out, and it gets hard to hold it in for so long. So even if we’re modern and sophisticated, we all let one pass. No one’s going to blame us anyway, and we can act like we didn’t do it. Guys don't know how we can always put the blame on them.
  3. Holding our boobs while running.
    “Hell hath no fury like gravity” – Our boobs to us. We hold our boobs while running, or while walking down a flight of stairs because the bounce should only be in our hair and not our chest. Especially when it’s our time of the month and these ladies are giving us a hard time already. It takes several minutes to adjust our bras as it is; we’re definitely not going to waste some more minutes fixing what gravity ruined.
  4. Not washing our bras too often.
    We all have favorites, and by 
    that we mean that we all have our favorite bras. We’re so afraid of them dying a slow death every time we wash them, that we avoid doing it altogether. (We also might be a tad bit lazy but we’ll never take that into account!” We appear  super hygienic all the time but these are facts about girls that guys don't know.
  5. Picking out food from your cleavage.
    Food is bae, even when it has fallen into the pits of our femininity. Namely, our cleavage. It could be the tiniest of crumbs but under no condition can it be wasted! The
    5 second rule doesn’t even apply here; it could be 5 hours too. Absolutely gross, but we’re guilty as charged. (Just don’t tell anyone about it though.)
  6. A-Rated content.
    If you’ve been in a group conversation where there were guys ONLY, then you must know that most of their conversations center on them watching things that aren’t meant for innocent eyes – porn. No matter how high and mighty, or grossed out about porn we may act in front of everyone, we go into incognito mode too sometimes. And who’s to say we don’t like it, too? All girls do it!
  7. Digging your nose when no one is watching.
    Sometimes, reaching for a tissue is just not an option when the lazy side of us is in control. This is where digging our nose to clear out our sinuses is the only way out.
  8. Not shaving enough areas.
    Waxing is too painful a task, so we resort to shaving. And then, that goes out the window as well. We realize we can let it all grow out right when we discover jackets and leggings. What do we do when we want to wear ripped jeans? We shave only the areas that are going to be visible through the rips! We have nearly perfected this skill by now.
  9. Shaving too much.
    There are only so many times that you can keep wearing jackets and full length pants. So when the situation arises for us to switch our outfits, we go all out with our shaving regimes. We pick out the curviest areas and shave them off too. Don’t expect us to leave the bathroom for hours on days like these!
  10. Picking out pimples like it’s the most fascinating thing in the world.
    It’s weirdly satisfying, isn’t it? Popping it and then staring at its remains. All girls secretly revel in this gross but super fascinating act.

At the end of the day, no matter how embarrassed we are of doing all of the above; we have all learned how to embrace it. Ladies, you are special not just today, but every day of the year. And so is EVERYTHING you do. Today, let’s take an oath to remind ourselves of this and learn to become one with all our flaws, fearlessly. And men, come what may, you'll never be able to crack girls' secrets!

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