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4 Shirt and T shirt combination for men: Make a Smart Fashion Move!

Explore different styles of putting together a shirt and t shirt combination.  Shirts and t-shirts make such wonderful separates, we’re sure you’d want to experiment  further with them. Read on to create your best shirt over t shirt combination.

Are you bored of the same conventional way of the t shirt style with jeans to rock the casual look? Are you the one who loves to try new outerwear ideas with shirt and t shirt combination? Read our style post to know more about how you can create interesting appearances to turn heads around.

The shirt is a versatile item in a man’s closet, which can be styled in many untold ways. The filmy trends come and go, but the two items, which will always surprise and never disappoint you is a shirt and t shirt combination. Don’t underestimate their power because they can surprise you every time you doubt on your closet variety. We can safely argue that a shirt and t shirt combination when paired together makes one of the best outfits to meet all the occasional needs. The primary benefit to style shirt with t shirt style is laying the outfit, adding coziness or simply, donning a stylish look, which people will admire or follow. There are other factors to keep into account with t shirt shirt combination. Here is a detailed guide on what colors to pair with a shirt and t shirt combination style. Go ahead and nail the look.

Shirt over t-shirt fashion

Shirt Over T-shirt Fashion - Bewakoof Blog
Source - glamfashion

In today’s go to grab coffee scene, nobody has the time to think about what to wear under white shirt, especially for guys. The open shirt with t shirt underneath fashion then comes into rescue to create panache. A checked shirt is the first thing, which comes in mind in open shirt style with a graphic or a plain t shirt style to create an all-time favorite look. If you are someone who doesn’t want to go all overboard and like to keep it sober, a light blue shirt combination over a t-shirt is ideal. Blues can never make you go wrong. Wearing shirt over t shirt is always a good idea and a savior in most cases. Let’s dig into different colors and styles for an ideal shirt over t shirt duo.

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4 Different Colors Shirt And T-Shirt Combination 

In the wonderful world of shirts, open shirt style doesn’t end with only black and white. We can add spice to the open shirt with t shirt underneath style by pairing the right shirt and t shirt combination. Colors and prints are two major factors to be taken care of. When paired well, they can result in an eye-catchy fashion example of an unbuttoned shirt over t shirt but when wrong, it can make a total disastrous example of a shirt and t shirt combination.

For the men who don’t want to try and test as much, a neutral colored checked shirt over t shirt, like a blue shirt with t shirt is a safe style. If you want to be adventurous, different color and print mixtures can make your ordinary shirt over t shirt style look charismatic. For the summery days or holidays, printed shirt over t shirt with denim shorts will make you beat the heat in grace. For the winter days, it is an apt style when donned with corduroy open shirt with t shirt underneath to give extra warmth with elegance. A black t shirt combination can work best with a grey corduroy shirt over t shirt fashion making you rock the monochromatic look. Here is the guide on how to rock these four colors shirt over t shirt like a pro.

Yellow Shirt Combination- wear vibrant!

Yellow Shirt Combination - Bewakoof Blog
Source - Pinterest

For most men, white would be an ideal default choice to rock the open shirt style in yellow. If you are not a color blocking person, shades of the grey and blue t shirt will be a safe bet with yellow shirt combination and ripped jeans. If you are an experimental kind, trying yellow shirt combination with turquoise blue or orange will give you a summery beach look when paired with denim shorts.

Red Shirt Combination- perfect weekend ensemble

Red Shirt Combination - Bewakoof Blog
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For the gentlemen look, once again white rules the list when paired with red shirt combination as the ideal t shirt shirt combination. A graphic t-shirt will make a cool choice when paired with a checked or striped red shirt for that unplanned unbuttoned shirt over t shirt appearance to rock on weekends.  Monochrome and shades of blue will make a classic t shirt style when paired with a red open shirt style.

Light Blue Shirt Combination- absolute sophistication

Light Blue Shirt Combination - Bewakoof Blog
Source - Pinterest

If you love to experiment but are scared of being a fashion disaster, pairing a light blue shirt combination with different colored t-shirt will give you good results. For the casual look, pair it with a striped or graphic black t shirt combination and you are good to go. Other colors like grey, white, red or mustard yellow t shirt under shirt will solve your question of how to wear a shirt resulting in an eye-catchy shirt over t shirt style.

Brown Shirt Combination - for an earthy look

Brown Shirt Combination - Bewakoof Blog
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For the sober ones who are in love with earthy colors, coupling brown shirt combination with a neutral colored t shirt like beige/khaki, white and light blue will result in a winning shirt over t shirt fashion. During winters, if you are fond of wearing a shirt over t shirt and clueless about styling your brown shirt combination in corduroy, pairing it with a royal blue t-shirt, either plain or stripes will be like adding brightness to your dull wintery days. For the beginners, this shirt and t shirt combination will be handy in giving a conventional yet well-dressed appearance.

2 Basic And Easy Combinations To Wear Shirt Inside T-Shirt

Skipping the conventional open shirt with t shirt underneath style, opting for the opposite can be an equally effective fashion trend for men. Depending on the number of buttons are done up, the shirt inside t shirt fashion can rock. Whether you want a cute or a gentlemen appearance, this trend wins it all.

Black T Shirt Combination - stay classy

Black T Shirt Combination - Bewakoof Blog
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For a smart or a casual look, a black t shirt over collared shirt in checks in colors like red, yellow or blue will raise the fashion bar. When the winters hit, you can even pair your hoodie shirt with black t shirt combination which will make a perfect winter style tip for people who love wearing a shirt with tshirt combination to add the right amount of coziness.

Blue T Shirt Combination- beat the blues!

Blue T Shirt Combination - Bewakoof Blog
Source - theshirtcollar

Basic or neutral colors like white, black and red shirt inside a blue t shirt combination can never go wrong. This is a perfect shirt inside t shirt option to nail the weekends or party when you are in no mood to dress like gentlemen in a suit. Being extremely versatile in nature, layering blue t shirt over collared shirt but in darker blue color tone is an ideal color coordinated option. After all, shades of blue when clubbed rightly together can give pleasing results.

Above all, the shirt and t shirt combination has ruled men’s fashion from ages and will continue to do so. The two, when coordinated well, is an easy and good to go option for one and all. Be it beginner or a fashionista, the above classic shirt combinations will continue to rule the men’s closet and fashion style, giving fascinating results every time.

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