Bewakoof Diaries|16th Nov, 16

6 Things we love the most at Bewakoof.

At Bewakoof, we listen to our heart, design cool stuff and tell it to the world. It’s really the people that make Bewakoof the company it is today. Here, we follow our passion and do what we love the most. We have an open and collaborative work culture, which makes the environment everything but dull.

Here’s a peek into six things at Bewakoof that we absolutely love!

  • We at Bewakoof, create a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone by engaging in a variety of games. From carom to foosball (Did you read it football? Well, we play that as well), from darts to dumb charades, we do everything to boost our day. Whether it’s to beat Monday morning blues, inspire creativity or to build team spirit, these games help us stay productive.
  • We, at Bewakoof, look at everything with an eye for design. We foster a culture where we believe in experimentation and innovation. Our love for design reflects in everything we do and drives us to create something that’s unique, almost always.
  • Think cabins and cubicles are boring? Here, we don’t put people in boxes. We come and sit wherever we feel comfortable. The open space culture not only boosts our workplace satisfaction and team effectiveness but also allows us to talk and collaborate with each other, more freely. 
  • You think a cup of coffee was enough to keep you wide and awake at work? At Bewakoof, it’s the good old Bournvita that is the secret of our energy.
  • Bewakoof headquarter never goes mute. There’s awesome music playing in our office, all the time.  From Classic Rock to EDM, Metal to Bollywood; we have plenty of playlists that keep us going.
  • Party is synonymous with Bewakoof culture. At Bewakoof, we don’t need a reason to party. Whether it is upon completion of a milestone, a co-Bewakoof’s birthday, festivals or simply to add some fun in the middle of the week, we are always just looking to celebrate and party hard.

This is just a part of the whole story, there’s a lot more happening at Bewakoof’s HQs, quite often! Watch this space for more updates.

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