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8 Types Of Lipsticks Every Woman Should Own! - A Complete Guide

A game changer for any look and every outfit, lipstick is a powerful tool in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Bold or understated - a lipstick can turn your style around. The most popular of all beauty products, lipsticks are a must-have for every make-up enthusiast.

Shimmery, matte, glossy - there are a plethora of options available in the market; especially online, where lipstick types with pictures and detailed product descriptions are mentioned in order for them to be conveniently accessible.

However, it can still get confusing to understand which types of lipsticks you should go for, both in color and material, to suit your needs and personal aesthetics.

The Lipstick Facts

One of the first cosmetic products devised by human beings, the ‘lipstick’ has great historical significance. People have used some form of lipstick from ancient times to decorate their faces, distinguish their features and enhance the natural shade of their lips.

However, today we have come a long way from the crushed insects and colored berries - or recently, even lead - that was used to make lipsticks. Today, you can find chic, cruelty-free and clean beauty brands that have nourishing formulas and plant-based ingredients.

What are modern types of lipsticks made of? Lipstick materials are varied, but some of the most widely used ingredients include wax, emollients and oil.

Here are some of the commonly used ingredients in lipsticks:

  • Beeswax, Candelilla wax, Carnauba wax.
  • Olive oil, Lanolin oil, Jojoba oil, Mineral oils.
  • Cocoa butter, Shea butter.

A woman’s favorite lipstick is like her signature l’eau de parfum - statement-making and timeless.

Read on to know more about this beauty essential and 8 different types of lipsticks that are absolute must-haves for your vanity:

1) The Crème Formula:

The Crème Formula - Types of Lipsticks | Bewakoof Blog

Lush, soft and easy to glide on, cream lipsticks are the most well-loved of all lipstick formulas. These types of lipsticks are cream-based and are rich in buttery moisture.

A softer formula than the matte one, this is a must-have if you enjoy lighter lip colors and nude shades for your make-up collection.

Pros: Easy wearability, lip-nourishing and moisturizing, rich color.

Cons: Less long-lasting, Needs re-application.

Lip Icon: Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G In Penelope Pink.

Style File: Sleek and with just the right amount of shine, these are the perfect winter lipstick option. These work beautifully in nude shades and lighter pinks and are a great choice for a low-key makeup look.

Doubling up as blushes, these types of lipsticks can be also used to add some color to the cheeks and the eye-lids. Wear a creamy nude shade with a beige turtleneck and different types of skirts for a chic and fashion-forward appeal.

2) The Liquid Lipstick:

The Liquid Lipstick - Types of Lipsticks | Bewakoof Blog

Liquid lipsticks have risen in popularity for their steady, matte and long-lasting lip finish. Sleek and velvety, these lipsticks are the one for you if you like dyer, transfer-free lipsticks.

A thick liquid formula with an applicator is usually how these chic beauty must-haves are packaged. Stunning for darker and bolder shades like deep berry tones, ruby red and fuschia, these stay on and stay put all day through every meal. Liquid on & shine on!

Pros: Transfer-proof, Smudge-proof, Matte, Long-lasting.
Cons: Least nourishing, Dry, Can create unattractive lip lines if lips are not well moisturized.

Lip Icon: Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick In Jhumki.

Style File: These types of lipsticks are the tattoos of the lot. Once on, you can party on without worrying about re-application.

Thus they are favorites for working professionals and evening soirees that go on well into the wee hours of the morning. Wear these chic babies in deep tones like magenta with your shimmery party dresses and tops!

3) The Lip Gloss:

The Lip Gloss - Types of Lipsticks | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

A lip gloss is usually every girl’s first lip product! Well-loved and with a certain nostalgia attached to this sticky, glossy formula, the lip gloss is one type that simply cannot be missed! Some lip glosses also come in lip plumping formulas that automatically give the lips and lush, fuller look.

Chic, glossy, and offering high-shine to the wearer, these types of lipsticks are the best top-ups to an underlying matte or creme lip pigment. A classic daily wear item, exude soft glam vibes in translucent and pink shaded lip glosses!

Pros: High shine, Stylish wearability, Sleek top-up to seal in lip color.

Cons: Less long-lasting, Needs re-application, Formula can get sticky.

Lip Icon: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper.

Style File: These babies are the best option for your smart-casual outfit choices. Offering a classy gloss on their own, they brighten the face instantly.

To give yourself a chic natural look - apply minimal concealer, creme blush, some mascara and lip gloss for a super-quick daily routine. Get your jeans on and a classic white shirt with this everyday beauty look.

4) The Matte Formula:

Nothing says classy and contemporary quite like a matte lip! These types of lipsticks are perfect for working professionals and those who want to put their sleekest foot forward at all times.

Giving the face a very put-together and stylish look, matte formulas, as the name suggests, are high on pigment with no shine or shimmer at all.

Red is a classic color for this formula, but berry shades and deeper shades of pink also lend an unmissable chicness to the wearer.

Pros: Transfer-resistant, Smudge-resistant, Long-lasting.

Cons: Less nourishing, Dry.

Lip Icon: M.A.C Matte Lipstick In Russian Red.

Style File: These sleek types of lipsticks need equally crisp clothing and accessorizing! Get your blazers on and collars up to power dress with a chic matte red lip.

Add stilettos and a slicked-back hairstyle to drive your point home. These types of lipstick shades are meant to be bold and they are meant to be flaunted!

5) The Lip Stain:

The Lip Stain - Types of Lipsticks | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

If your make-up MO is more ‘my lips, but better’, try a chic lip stain instead of the usual types of lipstick finishes. A lip stain is ink-like in formula and adds just a touch of tint to your lips to give it a minimal pop.

Often looking like your original lip color, but slightly brighter and more well defined, these types of lipsticks have been all the rage for the past couple of years. This one is perfect for you if you work or are a college professional.

A WFH fave for those who have to zoom call on the daily, lip stains or lip tints adds just the right amount of color on a bare, natural face.

Pros: Transfer-proof, Smudge-resistant, Long-lasting, Natural looking.

Cons: Less nourishing, Less pigmented.

Lip Icon: Benetint By Benefit Cosmetics.

Style File: These stylish tints can double up as a blush and add a very natural wash of color to your face. Perfect with loungewear, ultra-casual outfits and athleisure looks, go for the lip stain if you would like to look extra spruce up during your morning walk, at home, or at the gym.

A quick and fashion-forward fix, these types of lipsticks are just what you need to stay bright and fresh throughout the day.

6) The Sheer Formula:

The Sheer Formula - Types of Lipsticks | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

A perfect addition to any summer season style guide, the sheer lipstick is a lightweight and easy wearing option for hot and humid climates.

A total beach-babe essential, a sheer formula, is on the same lines as the cream one - just more translucent and emollient. It is deeply nourishing and a few steps ahead in pigmentation than a lip balm.

A perfect choice for those who want all the benefits of a lip balm, with the sleek pigmentation of a creme lip color. These types of lipsticks are a resort wear classic!

Pros: Richly nourishing, Natural but tinted look.

Cons: Less pigmented, Transfers easily, Needs frequent reapplication.

Lip Icon: e.l.f. Cosmetics Sheer Slick Lipstick In Grapefruit

Style File: These are the ultimate summer option and go great with beachwear, throw ons, kaftans and other resort wear classics. Put on your straw hats and floater sandals with a lush sheer tint on your face!

7) The Satin Formula:

The Satin Formula - Types of Lipsticks | Bewakoof Blog

Lush, slinky and with a touch of both matte as well as shimmer, a stain formula lipstick is an eveningwear staple. Ultra photogenic and extremely pretty, these types of lipsticks were all the rage in the 90s for their understated glimmer.

A red carpet favorite today, satin formulas are called so because they give the lips a very velvety satin finish.

Rich in pigment and more durable in wearability than a cream lip formula, this one is the best of both worlds!

Pros: Pigmented, Transfer resistant.

Cons: Less Nourishing, Needs re-application.

Lip Icon: BECCA Ultimate Lipstick Love In Souffle

Style File: Sleek, stylish and pretty, these are absolute stunners in every shade and color. Wear these types of lipsticks with slinky clothing like a chic satin slip dress, an organza kurta or a classic saree.

Complimenting a bold eye like no other, a nude satin lip is all you need to set your style a class apart. If you are looking up on how to wear a saree for an evening soiree, be sure to also look up some satin lip classics to complement your #ootd effortlessly.

8) The Lip Oil:

The Lip Oil - Types of Lipsticks | Bewakoof Blog

Lip oils are all the fastest-selling lip products of 2020 in every online store and shop. Chic, lightweight and super home-friendly, these types are a less-sticky and more emollient version of a lip gloss, while also providing an equally high shine.

These types of lipsticks, however, cannot be used as a top-up for other lip colors as they are high in oil content that tends to disintegrate the pigments below. However, for a simple, natural, non-sticky gloss, lip oils are perfection!

Pros: Natural, High-gloss, Non-sticky, Ultra-nourishing

Cons: Less Pigmentation, Needs frequent re-application, Cannot be worn as a top-up gloss.

Lip Icon: NYX Professional Makeup #THISISEVERYTHING Lip Oil

Style File: These are a Gen-Z fave for their glass-like finish and look ultra-chic in coral, peachy and pink tones.

Lush and glossy, yet smooth and natural, these types of lipsticks are the perfect daily option for those who do not like the stickiness of a lip gloss and wish to wear the lip oil on its own for a natural finish. Wear a lip oil with casuals in earthy, soothing colors.

Picking the right kind of lipstick has a lot to do with your lifestyle, your personal style, aesthetic and surroundings. Go through the pros and cons of every lipstick finish and formula you consider purchasing, to avoid faux pas and disappointment.

Lipstick is a make-or-break factor for any makeup look, and as such picking the right tones and shades to go with your outfit is also important. While red is a classic that can be worn with literally any type of outfit, berry tones and darker lipsticks must be styled with care. When in doubt, you can always go for a neutral or a light pink shade, but you must be careful to ensure that you pick a color that brightens your look instead of washing your features out. Also, a balance between your eye-makeup and lipstick is always needed for an overall sleek and stylish appeal.

We hope you enjoyed our article and learned new things about picking lip-sticks for your dresser! What’s your favorite lipstick of all time? Go check out its finish to know if it is true to performance. See you next time - ciao!

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