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Comicon Calling - Fun, Fandom & Fashion

We take our fandoms very seriously and hence the one event that we absolutely do not miss is Comic Con, because hello, people dressed up as their favorite fictional characters filled with trivia and never ending discussions about who’s best is definitely fun! So let’s take you to what we were up to at these fun fan fests!

Comic Con is a comic based convention held every year since 2011 for all comic fans and enthusiasts in the country. Starting with Pune, it’s first full edition of Comic Con after an express event last to last year. With a truly enhanced experience action packed with the best of comics, merchandise, toys, International guests, meet and greet sessions, gaming, fan meet-ups and much more. This event that was a two day treasure find for all the comic enthusiasts brought together cosplayers, comic book artists, creators and thousands of fans!

Bewakoof has been a comic con loyalist and so there we were, and now here we are telling you about all the fun we had at this fiction frenzy event.

As always, Flash once again proved to be the fan favorite, and all of our flash designs were sold out on the very first day!  But don’t feel too bad for his fellow superheroes because Superman, Batman, and Wolverine were not far behind. Another major hit with our customers was the one and only fat furry cute orange cat-Garfield! And we totally understand, he is a pizza and coffee loving friend from the comic universe. And the stoner art was popular as always!

But we have to mention explicitly, that the cosplays were simply astounding, we have our favorite, this one little swanky micro fashion enthusiast that dressed up as a darth vader with his mum as the Sith Lord, is overflowing with cuteness, hope everyone who attended the event had just as awesome a time as us. Live Long and Prosper!

We had crazy fun pledging to fandoms together, and we sealed our bond much like our superheroes are going to this year with their leagues, in a fun and interesting manner by making a fan video.

Coming back close to home what an awesome experience it was last year as well! Our 3rd year in a row at the Comic Con festival in Mumbai; we just seem to keep getting a better and better experience every time!  Comic Con Mumbai took it a notch higher than before with Shivaay promotions that took place where Ajay Devgn himself was present at the venue; and yes folks yet again, Bewakoof was out there killing it!

And once again, the fastest man alive was a total hit, as swift as he actually is, even faster were the sales that we acquired with him! From superheroes to abstract to weed art, our fans went all out and we returned the enthusiasm by handing out ‘Bewakoof: Follow Your Heart’ wristbands. Not only that, we had our artists providing the crowd with free temporary tattoos and face paintings! And trust us, there were so many of them that went crazy with excitement post hearing about this! We were so proud of them seeing them posting Instagram pictures with the hashtags #ComicConWithBewakoof and #Bewakoof in their tattooed selves!

As for our fans that never fall short of surprising us, most pleasantly we may add, were right there just like we hoped, coming over to the stall, loving the designs and interacting with us every chance they got!

All in all, it was a fun affair serving all the peeps out there at Comic-Con and we here at Bewakoof cannot thank our fans enough for the love, zeal and interest they showed in and for our brand. Looking forward to the frenzy this year, see you soon fellow Comic Conians!

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