Editorial|2nd Jan, 18

Fight like a girl- Neha

I guess certain things are just meant to be. Modelling was like that for me. I had never planned for it, but it happened so suddenly. I worked at a media house, and was always surrounded by celebrities and models. Maybe on some level I wished I could also be one. I guess everyone does have dreams of that sort.

Then, out of nowhere, one day I get an email from ALL asking me to participate in their model hunt. I had never done a photoshoot before, so I sent them my FB profile pics, and they liked it. They called me for a screen test. I auditioned and I won the competition. After that, I modeled for Lakme Fashion Week too. That was a big deal for me. And that’s where my life took a turn. Brands started approaching me, newspapers like the Bombay Times started calling me. I had my interviews on multiple online portals, magazines, & newspapers. It was a life-changing opportunity. Today I’m one of the most successful plus-sized models in India.

fight like a girl - Neha

I have been body-shamed since school. But that shaming, that struggle, has only made me what I am today. Because I was just so used to all the naatak, it stopped affecting me. You can never put an end to haters. For me the key is self-love. I don’t want to see myself under that stress or negativity. I don’t want to see myself sad.

I’ve become indifferent to the hate. I don’t let it affect me. And that confidence inspires others. When people talk to me I tell them about my struggles, and those stories give them a boost in dealing with their struggles. I tell them "you’re not alone". People like me have faced these problems and overcome them.

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