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How To Wear Lungi - A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Tie Lungi

Are you still struggling and wondering how to wear lungi? Read this article and learn in detail about how to tie a lungi step by step and ace the traditional dress of Tamil Nadu. The lungi fashion is a go-ahead who loves to deck up the traditional look during ceremonies. Don’t hesitate to experiment here and there in lungi style in their casual or ethnic look.

Lungi fashion - Keeping the tradition alive.

Lungi Fashion - Bewakoof Blog

Lungi fashion is a garment of tradition originated in the southern states of India. Since its inception as a traditional dress of Tamil Nadu, this rectangularly shaped garment has become so famous that the moment one wonders about how to wear lungi, we hum to the song ‘Lungi dance’. As free as the song was, the level of comfort and relief is provided by the lungi style.

Usually made in cotton or silk material, one thing which is common in all kinds of lungi style is the thin or thick border, which runs horizontally at the top and bottom of the garment to give grip and a finished look and therefore, to avoid tearing.

How to tie a lungi?

Due to the cultural diversity from state to state in our country, so is the difference in language and fashion too. And it doesn’t end here. The ethnic clothes not only vary as per state but as per religion too. Even if it’s a rectangular garment for all, the lungi style and the method about how to wear a lungi varies. Hence, the guidance on how to tie a lungi varies drastically in different region.

While the labor community wears Kerala lungi by tying the knot at the waistline and then pulling the lower end to fold and insert into the waist knot. On the other hand, in Karnataka, the lungi skirt is formally worn during weddings and ceremonies. Also, the quality of the lungi skirt depends on two of the factors- the financial status and the affordability. Other than the simplicity the lungi fashion throws, the flexibility is enormous with the upper garment in different cultures. This gives a wide scope to experiment with the overall men lungi fashion.

How to wear lungi step by step- breaking it down for you.

How to wear a lungi step by step - Bewakoof Blog

How to wear lungi is not as difficult as it looks like. Unlike other readymade garments, lungi is a rectangular piece of garment tied around the lower body. Here we have put it down for you as to how to wear lungi step-by-step neatly and comfortably and give the wearer the extra edge factor.

  1. Take the rectangular garment and insert your lower body into the tubular lungi to begin to make a neat lungi skirt.
  2. To know rightly how to tie a lungi, let the cloth be below the navel by stretching and flattening the garment.
  3. Make the first fold of the lungi skirt by swinging the hand to one side and making the fold. Grip the lungi well and follow the process ahead on how to wear a lungi step by step.
  4. As the one side grip is firm, swing the hand to the other side to make the second fold to make the lungi design. Now you will have two folds below the navel, firmly intact at the waist.
  5. To ace, the lungi fashion, make the first roll by folding the edges of the lungi downwards on the tummy.
  6. Similarly, do the second roll and fold. You can do two or three folds as per your height.
  7. Last but not the least; secure the lungi fashion look by rolling the edges of the lungi in the downward direction taken against the back. This will not only give the right grip at the waist but also make you pro at how to tie a lungi.

How to wear lungi and yet not go out of style!

To ace the lungi style, how to wear a lungi depends on the region and the trend one is following. As the lungi fashion differs, steps on how to wear lungi in Tamil style also do.  As men are open to experimenting these days with their lungi fashion, the designers are coming up with new types to rock the men lungi style. Nowadays, the easy pre-draped lungi’s are available which helps the wearer to escape the worry of how to wear a lungi.

For a modern lungi fashion, men are pairing the lungi style bottom with half jackets or short kurtas too. To enhance the look of lungi design, achkans are worn with lungi or paired up with an embroidered kurta to keep the style game on. The traditional dress of Tamil Nadu is also given a twist with the change in drapes and fabric to meet the modern yet ethnic needs for wedding ceremonies. All of these lungi styles are followed by men of today, to showcase how to wear a lungi with the real swag.

How to wear Kerala lungi?- acing the ‘mundu’.

How to wear Kerala lungi - Bewakoof Blog

A mundu or lungi as it is generally called in the Kerala region has a different approach towards how to tie a lungi. In this kind of lungi style, the lungi skirt is generally tucked around the waist towards the right side. The bottom of the Kerala lungi is then pulled and taken to the back to tie on the waist. This lungi style leads to wrapping the body from the waist to the knees. This Kerala lungi skirt is comfortable in wearing especially during hot and humid weather. The thought about how to tie lungi becomes very easy in this lungi style because the length can be adjusted in an stress-free way.

How to wear lungi in Tamil style? - acing the ‘Kailis’.

How to wear lungi in Tamil style - Bewakoof Blog

Only men wear the traditional dress of Tamil Nadu, lungi or Kailis as known in this state. The method about how to tie lungi in Tamil Nadu is slightly different from the Kerala lungi fashion. While the mundu is worn towards the right side, the Kailis is worn towards the left side of the waist. White-colored lungi designs are generally chosen by the Muslims of Tamil Nadu during formal occasions like wedding.

With some practical yet fashionable advice, it is time for all Indian men to feel proud and wear lungis in style and with confidence. Hope our article has given you a fair knowledge about the different styles of how to wear lungi.

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