Newsroom|30th Dec, 17 Moneysavers - How to be more than just a smart shopper!

Don't fall in for the illusion of shopping to save, make it come true with our Bewakoof’s Moneysavers. Get a lot more for the same, every time you shop with us. Checkout out how!

Smart Shopping, it is a term that's been going around for a while now. And you've heard it everywhere you go, from grocery shopping to coffee sipping, everyone is out to make sure you save a couple of bucks and feel like a smart shopper.  But is that really smart shopping? No, smart shopping is when you get more for less.

So let's introduce you to how offers smart shopping. First of all, we don't call it that, we call it - Moneysavers. Secondly, we actually help you save money instead of giving you a consolation that you did. How may you ask? It's with the help of two amazing and innovative initiatives, along with a little bit of Bewakoof Delights sprinkled here and there.

The Factory Outlet Store: brings you the ultimate Factory Outlet shopping experience with a vast selection, slashed prices and unchanged quality, at just a click away. We make sure that you can get more and more of what you love at the same price from wherever you are! Not only does it have more than enough options to choose from unlike most factory outlets it also has all these in a range of sizes and colors to make sure no one misses out.

The Design of the Day: Have you had that dream where you never wear the same thing again? Do you think dreams like that never come true? Think again. With our Design of the Day concept. We bring you, your favorite category - Printed Topwear, featuring brand new designs everyday. But wait it gets better, these new designs are available at a special Launch Price of Rs. 249 or Rs.275 for 24 hours, just before going to the regular collection. So that basically means, once the slot refreshes at 6.00 pm each day (this is about to become your fashion prime time!) if you buy it before the next design comes on, you have a new t-shirt to flaunt everyday at an unbelievable price.

And that's how we make sure that you graduate from the regular smart shopper to a Moneysaver. We here at Bewakoof have always valued the long time vision over the short time gains (checkout why doesn't have a sale) and hence instead of giving sensational sales for a few days, we make sure that our customers take something back each time they shop with us, like the 10% cashback on online shopping, and free shipping on all orders. Not only this, we also have a really amazing members programme in the making for you coming soon.

Because at the end, what really matters to us is to give the best possible to our customers. And while we make sure to go the extra mile with our designs and quality, we also know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get every time you get more for less. So keep logging in to discover the latest trends and keep checking in on our latest efforts to keep you coming back right here!

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