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Top 6 Lockdown Loungewear Essentials

Just because you’re homebound, doesn’t mean your style has to take a back seat! Here are 6 lockdown essentials that have style and comfort written all over. Go from potating to slaying without changing!

  1. Beat The Heat

    Only if lockdowns were applicable to the scorching summer heat!

    Until that happens, cool down in a cool vest.

  2. Crop All Stress

    Working from home stressing you out?

    Take a break, put on a Crop Top, slap some lipstick - get your slay back on!

  3. Sit Back And Relax

    Got a work video call at 10 but you’re in a 2 a.m. mood?

    Put on a quirky Half Sleeve T-shirt and flaunt a casual-cool look.

  4. Ace The Game

    Boss Lady, College Topper, Style Queen - no matter what you’re aiming for

    don’t let the lockdown put a lock on your dreams! Stay comfy & focused in a Boyfriend Tee.

  5. Stretch It Like Beckham

    Don’t let the quarantine add extra pounds to your waist!

    Get your daily warm up in maximum comfort, stretch & flex in comfy joggers.

  6. Chill Mode On

    Pants, what pants? By now, you’ve probably forgotten what pants feel like!

    If pure lounging is what’s on your mind, you need to hop into a pair of chill boxers.

Conclusion: Is your wardrobe missing something? Well this is as good a time as any to shop! Order up and we’ll deliver it to you as soon as we can.

                                                                                         Writer - Kokum Chanel​

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