Different Types of Paithani Saree, Names & Image

What is special in paithani saree?

The best part about types of Paithani saree is that it is almost identical on both sides and dazzles in the sunshine or the spotlight.  

How can we identify pure Paithani?

The key to differentiating between a pure and blended Paithani is to know the design elements. Paithani is a handwoven silk saree with rich Zari threadwork of either gold or silver along the pallu and borders. 

Types Of Paithani Sarees With Image

Bangdi Mor Paithani Saree

Keeping this in mind, these Paithani Saree Types are also adorned with peacock motifs while introducing an essential jewellery element, the bangle, a.k.a ‘Bangdi’ in Marathi.  

Ekdhoti Weave Paithani Saree

The weaving of this saree is quite awe-inspiring and you would agree. A single shuttle is used for the weaving of the weft. The colour of the warp yarn is not the same as that of the weft yarn. These types of Paithani sarees have a narali border and also simple butti designs like coins or peas. 

Brocade Paithani

Patterned and woven, brocade is one of the richest fabrics. Brocade has a longstanding history of creating the perfect Banarasi saree look, and it has been made use of in various cultures. 

Munia Brocade Paithani

Like Bangdi Mor, the Munia Brocade Paithani also employs a similar nature-inspired approach. With “Munia” translating to parrot in Marathi, this saree sees motifs of the infamous bird woven on the pallu and the border too.  

Tracing Its History

Weaving different types of Paithani sarees is over 2000 years old tradition and dates back to the Satvahana Dynasty. They say that this craft has its roots in a city called ‘Pratishtan’, now called Paithan. It falls in Marathwada about 50 km from Aurangabad. 

How Is Paithani Made

The first step in the making of different types of Paithani saree involves weaving the pallu with silk warp or with zari. This step takes up the maximum amount of time because it is highly intricate. The saree itself is known for its complex details and opulent borders.