The Royal Wedding Of This Season #Raalia

One Kiss Is All It Takes

Sealing their love with a kiss and promise of happily ever after.

Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life Too

For we can’t help falling in love with this intimacy between Ranbir and Alia.

He’s Her Lobster

Candid pictures with your “person” on your special day is all one could ask for. Look at them sharing their moment of joy.

Forehead Kisses Are The Best

Nothing matches the fondness of a forehead kiss by your favorite person in the whole world.

Royalty Redefined

Look at the happy couple posing together with sparkle in their eyes and a sweet smile on their lips.

Dilwale-Dulhania Moment

Ranbir went totally gaga over his bride and chose a striking pose that makes us swoon over this couple.

Crowning Glory

Alia looked ethereal with the Sabyasachi attire accentuated by her million-dollar smile.

Precious Moments

Witness how their hearts were full of warmth and love for each other.