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12 Types of Shorts for Womens

Denim Shorts

Complete The Look: We suggest you wear a loose white shirt or a basic t-shirt on a pair of versatile denim shorts.

Feline Print Silk Shorts

Complete The Look: Wear a satin cream camisole top or a red cotton shirt with your feline print silk shorts.


Complete The Look: Ideally, we would say find yourself a pair of red and black checkered skorts and team it with a full-sleeved black bodysuit.

Printed Cotton Shorts

Complete The Look: Print on print is in vogue so yes, go ahead and match crazy prints together. A printed silk shirt will look like a bomb on printed shorts.

Linen Shorts

Complete The Look: We recommend wearing pastel linen shorts and team it with the same colored pastel shirt. If not a pastel shirt, wear a basic white t-shirt and a pastel colored blazer for that vogue look.

Scalloped Shorts

Complete The Look: A snug blouse or a crop top would look the best with scalloped shorts.

Booty Shorts

Complete The Look: Wear any damn thing with booty shorts, you’ll still end up looking sexy. Maybe a tank top or even a sports bra would look good.

Lounge Shorts

Complete The Look: To make your work from home and chill scenes extra comfortable you should slip a pair of lounge shorts with your favorite t-shirt and flip flops while sipping on some pina Coladas.

Roll-Up Shorts

Complete The Look: Roll-up shorts pair well with anything and everything. Just to put a spin on things, get yourself high-waisted roll up shorts and wear it with a bikini top or a puffed sleeve crop top.

Pleated Shorts

Complete The Look: To start with- select a ribbed jumper or a white t-shirt with an oversized blazer that almost covers the shorts (make sure the color of the blazer matches with the blazer)

Paper Bag Shorts

Complete The Look: Ribbed tops look the best, brownie points if they are turtlenecks! Wear layered, dainty gold necklaces, smoke up the eye make up and complete the look with a pair of wedges.

Cut Off Shorts

Complete The Look: For that ultimate Instagram fashion influencer look pair your cut-off shorts with a snug t-shirt and an oversized boyfriend denim jacket.

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