Bewakoof Diaries|1st Apr, 17

When we turned 5!

It's time to say goodbye to yet another fantastic year before jumping into the adventure that is 2017! Time for a quick flashback of the year that was and all the fun we had! 


We’ve had an incredible journey-and as we turn 5, we look back to the love and support of our customers, that has made it all possible. That along with the passion and creativity of the team, we followed our hearts. To do each day what we love most to do, to bring to you everyday fashion that you can love, and that has led us here, to our latest milestone and once again we’d like to give a shout-out to all our fans!

Well now coming to it, all this while you’ve heard of the ‘WE’ but today. This ‘WE’ comprises of a  family of 300 people with the same vision and a spirit of camaraderie. Let’s introduce you to some of the members of team Bewakoof. So you better get to know the people that come together to make it the brand it is.

Graphics Team

Love our designs and our edits on everyday fashion? Wondering who’s behind those prints that you can’t get enough of? Meet the ones that get the latest trend to you - Because not only do they find inspiration in all things around but also turn ideas into art! They are the ones that not only imagine your favorite prints and style but also make them a reality. The creativity connoisseurs!

Tech Team

From everything that you can see to everything that you can do on the website and the ease with which you can do it all comes from their magic.They keep it simple and they keep it running, also they love their team lunches. This is our in-house Silicon Valley and we’d probably not get on with anything without these binary wizards.

Data Analytics Team

Introducing the Data whisperers! They give us the underlying information, from business insights to user behavior. They turn the numbers into information that we can understand. Nobody knows numbers better than these guys, they keep us in the loop and love to keep their part of the office freezing cold, know for their love of food and chai! One of them is a certified scuba diver and paraglider!

Marketing Team

If it weren’t for them, how would you know about all the amazing things we come up with and all the crazy things we are upto! These people are your eyes and ears people. They love their music, and their work space is full of really cool posters, and they’re the social media wizards, so the next time you’re laughing out loud on a gag, thank them!

Product Team

This is where it all comes together-the ideas, the art and the innovation. They are the pillars of team Bewakoof. The very fast paced team behind our fast fashion! They sweat it out to make sure that the creativity comes together to perfection for you, they’re passionate and persevering and they never say no!

Customer Care team

These are the people you turn to when you have a problem, because they’ll always lend a ear to you. They have all the answers and they are thorough and they’ll always get back to you. These are the ones that bring your concerns, suggestions and recommendations to us.

Admin team

These are the ones that nurture us with love, food, support and care. Our very own survival kit! From making sure that we’re fed, hydrated and just generally taken care of, from being calm under pressure to helping you clean up your mess and of course always welcoming with a warm smile, they’re always here!

We don’t have everyone here in the photographs, but they are there in everything that we do

So now that you know, who ‘WE’ are, join all of us in this splendid celebration and check out all the exciting things we have in store for you! Signing off with gratitude and love until the next milestone.

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