ColorBlock T-Shirts for Women

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'Live in Vogue' – if that is your life mantra, you are at the right place. Bewakoof has the best collection of super-cool multicolour t-shirts for women to amp up your style game. T-shirts are a staple in every girl's wardrobe. Whether it is a relaxed weekend at home, going out for quick grocery shopping or chilling out with friends – a comfy t-shirt is all you need. Pair it with your shorts at home or your ripped denim while going out- t-shirts cover it all. 

The best thing about t-shirts is the level of comfort and simplicity they offer without compromising on the style quotient. Moreover, they come in a wide range of colour and pattern options to meet your choice and needs. Colour blocking is the new in-thing at the fashion front. They are making bold headers in the fashion world because of their unique look. 

A women's colour block t-shirt creates a visually catchy look, adding brightness to your total appearance along with an air of trendiness that is sure to set you apart. Women’s colour block t-shirts come in different colour patterns. Starting from bold blocking with multiple colour slabs to using bright colours in combination with lighter tones or just double colour use. Colour blocking again can be abstract or well-patterned. So, when it comes to colour block t-shirts for women, there is no shortage of options or variety. 

Here are some interesting facts about colour blocking t-shirts that you can't miss

Colour blocking is a great way to enhance the best features of your figure. Colour block t-shirts can help you look thinner and even taller when used the right way. Integrating the colour blocking theme into t-shirts is a cool way to stay on-trend without compromising on comfort. However, when buying a double colour t-shirt for women, it is crucial to keep an eye on the pattern of colour blocking you pick and make sure that it goes well with your figure type. For example, if the upper part of your body is heavier, with the darker colour at the top, it will naturally look slimmer. Vertical colour blocking is also very useful to look well-toned. 

What should you look for while buying a women's colour block t-shirt? 

There are a bunch of other things that you need to check out to make sure that you buy the right t-shirt to sport, not just occasionally but frequently or even daily. Here is a list of things that should be on your mind before making the final purchase.

1. Material: 

When it comes to t-shirts, comfort is certainly the first thing you are looking for. Every seasoned shopper is quite aware that the quality of the material is synonymous with the level of comfort it will offer. So, when you are buying a colour block t-shirt for women, look for natural fabric. 100% cotton or lightweight single jersey fabric is one of the most comfortable natural fabrics out there. 

These fabrics allow the flow of air and absorb sweat, keeping you dry in hot and humid weather. Natural fabrics also provide warmth when the temperature is a little low, making it perfectly comfortable for every season. At our online store, every colour block t-shirt for women is made from the best quality single jersey fabric to ensure that you don't have to compromise on comfort in any way. 

2. Fit: 

The best fit is essential when it comes to t-shirts as the size will impact the comfort of wear. Not very tight, neither lose - it has to be just the perfect size and fit to become your favourite t-shirt. Now, all t-shirt lovers out there know that it is not that simple to find the ideal fit from a wide range of women's colour block t-shirts in front of you. However, be assured, Bewakoof has changed the scene for you. All you need to do is to select the right size following the Size Guide which won’t make you regret your choice. 

There is also a Fit Guide to help you get the right fit as per your choice. Once you select your preferences and place your order, we will make sure that you get a t-shirt that fits you perfectly. If, due to any reason, you prefer a bigger or smaller size, use our 15 days return and full refund option without any hassle. 

Styling Tips for your colour block t-shirt

You can effortlessly pair your colour block t-shirts with any bottom wear, but some combinations are head-turning. 

  • Casual: Pair your colour block t-shirt with a pair of slim fit denim for a comfortably casual look.

  • Party: Heading on to a party? Match your favourite colour block tee with a denim mini skirt and boots for a stylish appearance.

  • Adventure: While going on a vacation or trek, you can wear a pair of leggings or track pants with the t-shirt. Match them with your sports shoes for day-long comfort.  

Care instructions for your colour block t-shirt

The women’s colour block t-shirts sold on Bewakoof are made from the best quality fabric keeping regular use in mind. Caring for these t-shirts is simple, but we suggest you be a little bit careful during wash, as harsh detergents can harm the natural fabric, particularly in case of daily wash. Use a mild, preferably liquid detergent and wash the t-shirt separately, inside out. Dry it in the shade to avoid bleaching effects of the sunlight. This will keep the colours vibrant for longer. Follow the same wash care instructions for all multicolour full sleeve t-shirts for women and also the short sleeve ones. Always check out the wash care tag in your t-shirt for any special instruction. 

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