Face Shield

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People all across the world are fighting with the pandemic of novel coronavirus. These unprecedented situations that have been prevailing since about six months now have come as no less than a shock to everyone. With continuous regulations from the Government and other healthcare organisations, everyone is trying their best to combat it.

Although it is recommended to stay indoors as much as possible, it is not feasible to confine oneself inside. One has to step out once in a while for essential chores or for work which is safe only if we ensure the use of face protection masks every time we step out to prevent the airborne spread of Covid-19.

Face Shield Vs Face Protection Mask

There has been a constant debate as to whether one should opt for a face protection mask or a face shield. There are two prevailing opinions with respect to the usage of face masks and face shields.  

While one set of people believe that face masks provide better protection as they cover the nose and mouth, there is a group of scientists who have voted against the masks, as it may lead to suffocation and may pose difficulty in communication especially to those with speech and hearing impairment. 

The face shield, on the other hand, covers a larger portion of the face and it is comparatively easier to clean. Furthermore, a face shield will not irritate your skin while your face is covered, but at the same time, the protection abilities of face shield are debatable.

We at Bewakoof understand your plight. As your safety is of utmost priority to us, we recommend you to use both a face mask and a face shield to rule out even the slightest possibility of acquiring the infection. Doesn’t it seem like a logical option?

You must be wondering from where to buy a good quality face shield without compromising. Bewakoof is here for your rescue. We have the topmost quality face shield that will be safely delivered to your home without any hassles.

Features of a Bewakoof Face Shield 

  • Quality
    Our face shield is made from PET sheet 300 microns to ensure superior quality and standards. The sheet is also laminated on both sides to prevent scratches and damage.

  • Comfort
    There might be instances where one needs to wear these face shields for a fairly long duration. To ensure your comfort in such circumstances, the frame is made of lightweight plastic to avoid loading your head with unnecessary weight.

  • Safe Always
    This durable product by us has been able to protect many due to its ability to prevent exposure from microdroplets in the air. This durable shield will let you breathe with ease and will not hinder your tasks.

  • Reusable
    The plastic shield is made of smooth and sturdy material which is easily washable. You can use our face shield endless times and wash it after every use. There will be no effects on the quality even after washing it several times.

Why is a Face Shield Essential for You?

1. Reduces the Possibility of You Touching Your Face

With a face protection mask, there is a tendency that you constantly touch your face to adjust the mask, which will lead to an easy propagation of infections. This scenario is less likely with a face shield.

2. Maximum Protection

Even if a person standing in front of you sneezes or coughs, the droplets will not fall directly on your face, thereby, reducing the chances of infection to a great extent.

3. Eating, Drinking, and Communicating

With a mask, there is a compulsive need to remove it when you have to drink or eat something. With some practice, we are sure that you can figure out a way to eat or drink without removing your face shield.

4. 100% Safety

It is a common practice to pull down the face protection mask over the chin to breathe for a while. When we do this, we unknowingly spread the contaminated bacteria or viruses all over our face. With a face shield, this is unlikely to happen.

5. Damaged Ears and Nose

You may have noticed redness over the ears and nose after wearing face protection masks for a long time. This sense of discomfort can be avoided with the use of a good quality face shield.

6. Protection From Other Infections

Though these days, we only talk about Covid-19, but that does not mean that other infections cannot affect you. It is essential for you to remain safe from other infectious agents present in the atmosphere like influenza, measles, etc. 

This face shield by Bewakoof will not only protect you from Covid-19 but also many other viruses present in the atmosphere that may enter your system through your nose, eyes, and mouth. 

Each one of us has to play a role in fighting with this deadly disease by protecting ourselves and our family. Bewakoof will help you deal with these situations by providing you with the best merchandise at affordable prices at your doorstep.

We, at Bewakoof hope and wish that you stay safe, healthy, and happy, always!