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If we try to look at the history of perfume for women, then one would realize that it dates back to the Indus Valley civilization. During this time, ‘attar’ or ‘itar’ was used heavily by the masses. A lot of researchers have even found residues of perfumery at various places in ancient history. Now a lot of you must have queries regarding why is the use of perfume so prevalent and necessary? The answer is simple, it is just like any other day-to-day accessory women use. Like lip balm, footwear, etc. Perfumes do set the first impression of a person in any kind of setting. 

Now let’s look at some key points why ladies’ perfume is an important accessory. If you do not use one yet, then what are you waiting for? In India, online shopping has come a long way and is ever increasing. Websites like Bewakoof are doing a great job by providing daily essentials to women in the most convenient way. 

The reasons for using a perfume are listed below: 

  • It enlightens the mood: When you are at your best self, the fragrance travels to everyone's heart including yours and makes the mood better like never before. It is the first sensory vibe that either makes things better or worse. So, why not keep it the best way? 

  • Reminds you of the special times: The sense of smell is a strong mechanism. We often connect a person or a group of people with a certain smell. The kind of perfume you use lasts an impression for a very long time in the mind. So, once you come back to the contact of a similar smell, your nose immediately recalls it up. 

  • The guiding force for Aromatherapy: Experts suggest, to get your smell back Aromatherapy works as a fantastic treatment. Deodorants for women are made from various flowers and on smelling that our sensory organs get triggered by it, thereby making a person smell like the usual times.

The hormone, Pheromones, gets activated when a nice smell is detected by the nose. It is fully a biological phenomenon and to guide the process in a better way, the invention of perfumes was probably done. 

Super Smelly and Seer Secrets are the young brands available on Bewakoof that have come up with a range of deodorant as well as deodorant creams. They have taken their innovation to the next level and brought products made out of natural ingredients. For skin protection, there is an addition of Aloe Vera in the products that are known to be an age-old remedy for the skin, hair, and other parts of the body. 

A usual concern with most perfumes is longevity of the perfumes. These brand perfumes are all set to last longer than you can imagine. 

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