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Red Bomber Jackets for Men – Unconventional Chinese Collar Wonders!

What do we mean by Red bomber jackets?

Short at the length, slim at the waist, tight at the cuffs and zip at the front; these are legit trendsetters in the jacket fashion world today. With a Chinese collar for the conventional jackets at the back, we’d say, these are absolute winter winners!

What kind of designs does Bewakoof offer?

With subtly basic colours to keeping it as plain as possible, we here at Bewakoof produce Red puffer jackets for men that are not just legit head turners but are also a proper blend of bold and simple; all in one go!

What Bewakoof does differently with their winter jacket collection?

The Reasonability.
One would know what we’re talking about once they’ve looked for jackets online. With prices so darn hefty, we don’t even know who is to be blamed!
Young fashion is supposed to be made keeping the expenditures’ and savings’ rates of the youth in mind. But sometimes fashion sites online may not be able to keep up with this.
Hence, there is Bewakoof!
A site that offers to you high street fashion and low prices at the same time; we say, you’re at the perfect place for men’s jackets right now!

How to make Red bomber jackets for men stand out?

Red Bomber jackets rightfully fall under the ‘essential winter wear for men’ section; not because they are stylish, no, but because of the kind of comfort level they offer. A jacket is such a basic for a man that he’d actually be confused every time he has to team it up with something new. From T Shirts for Men to jeans to shorts to pyjamas, we all know, confusion is never good when it comes to fashion. Agree?
Hence, here we list down a few solutions you can try to make a mark even in something as simple as a Red bomber jacket!

1. Pair it with: Cream or mint colored, tailored shorts and a checkered shirt in a colur of your choice that you know will go well with your Red bomber jacket and bottoms. Make sure to keep the shirt buttoned and the jacket unzipped!
Occasion:  Wear it at the movies with your girlfriend perhaps?
Footwear: Opt for tan loafers; hands down winners!
Accessories: A good tan strapped watch.

2. Pair it with: Any chill pair of denim jogger pants and a red sports trim vest from our collection.
Occasion: A day out with your mum!
Footwear: White sneakers please!
Accessories: We say, funky! Get a cap for yourself folks!

Why should buy these Bomber Jackets for Men from Bewakoof?

Because we here at Bewakoof use 100% cotton fabric to create all these fantastic pieces of jackets for men. These Red bomber jackets are made out of soft fleece material that make them the perfect companions for winters! Snug, perspire-friendly and airy, these are sure to make you look dapper as hell!

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