Trousers for Men


Looking for mens trousers that are heavy-duty, trendy and snug? Well you've hit the jackpot! Our trousers are all about practical fashion - perfect for the 'go getter'. So don't wait up, shop the best of mens!

Oxford Pants are the new “It” pants!

Versatility is the go-to outfit quality for the youth. This is why has launched oxford pants for men that are versatile and can go from daywear to nightwear in just a few minutes. Pair up your t-shirts with contrasting trousers if it’s your day out. You can also pair them with solid shirts to wear yours to work, since they are slim fit formal pants too. Always be at the top of your style game with these super cool oxford pants! No wonder they are one of the best men's trousers. With the right jackets, there’s no doubt about you not being the center of attention.

What are Bewakoof’s Oxford Pants like?

Colors that are statement making and a fit that is extremely flattering is what Bewakoof’s oxford men's pants comprise of. They are slim pants, and make you look sharp so you’re never running low on the cool quotient.  Shop with us to make sure you look great wearing really cool trousers, no matter where you go.

Get your size for the perfect fit!

Our oxford pants are for every man, no matter your style. So the last thing you need to be concerned about is size. Choose the perfect fit for yourself from S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL just by applying the filter. If you don’t want your pants to be form fitting, go a size up from your usual cotton trousers and you’ll be good to go. Style your trousers however you want to and keep those envious stares coming! Bag these cotton pants online and make heads turn.

A vivid colour palette.

Yes! Black trousers and white trousers men's are great, but coloured ones are better. We have some of the best colours that are appealing to look at, so you just can’t resist. These cotton pants for men's are available in colours such as seaweed green, navy blue and barn red. Colors that transform and up your style by a several notches.

When comfort meets style.

These cotton trousers are a blend of comfort and style, so you never have to compromise your comfort. You can wear them all day, or just or a few hours without feeling any kind of discomfort. They are made from 100% cotton, and hence they are breathable no matter where you’re wearing them.

Why choose these colours for your trousers?

These men's pants come in statement making colours so you never have to worry about not being in style. They are really easy to style keeping in mind the current trends and fads. You can hardly resist a person who is dressed well, and in this case the person will be you because that’s how great these pants will make you look. Go out and flaunt your outfit for everyone to see. We are sure you’ll rock these cotton pants like a style guru! Never feel a moment of discomfort and roam freely wherever you are.

Styling these slim trousers for men!

Versatility is the key to good styling. If you want to know how to style your trousers, take a look at some of our product photos and shoots.

Finding trousers for men is really easy, and so is styling them to look dapper at all times. They can be paired up with various items like graphic t-shirts shirts, Mobile cover,  etc.