Men's Kurta


Kurta, the most humble piece of clothing yet a style staple in men and women’s ethnic wear collection. In India, we doubt there'll be anyone not having a kurta in their wardrobe. Come Holi or Diwali, kurtas are the go to clothing items for most of us, men and women alike. As Indians, I’m sure we all take immense pride in the fact that the Kurta originated in the Indian subcontinent predominantly, as a traditional attire. The word Kurta was derived from the Sanskrit word Kurtaka. In Middle Eastern and Persian cultures too, the Kurta is used as a traditional attire paired with pyjamas. In Persian, Kurta literally translates to mean a collarless shirt and it indeed is a collarless robe but off late there have been too many versions of it and some actually have a collar. Kurta Pajama is popularly worn as a traditional dress in India, Pakistan and few other South Asian Countries by men and women in different forms. It is worn mainly during the festive season or on formal occasions like religious ceremonies, temple visits on important days, wedding functions etc.

Kurta for men are a bit different and distinct as compared to those made particularly for women. Gents kurta is universally made for both formal as well as casual wear. Formal kurtas are made with heavier and richer fabrics, often having some sort of embroidery, woven work, appliques or fancy prints on them. Often made of Silk, Silk blends, Dupion silk, Brocade, Jacquard and the likes of fancy fabrics as such. Available in various prints, patterns, work, collars, sleeves and designs, they're more so occasion wear rather than daily wear. They're not as popular as cotton and linen kurtas are for daily wear. Cotton and linen being simpler and more lightweight fabrics, they're just perfect for daily casual wear. So if you too have been searching for kurtas for daily wear, then you have landed at the right place and at the right time. Bewakoof’s range of short kurta for men would make the perfect companion to your jeans and shorts als for that matter. From lounging around to visiting your friends for a quick catch up session, our kurtas are best suited for all your casual needs. Short and stylish kurta for men is quite the rage these days. Don’t forget to explore Bewakoof’s collection of short kurta for men & bag some as per your styling needs. Also do remember to check out our huge army of stylish and quirky t-shirts for men.

At Bewakoof, we constantly think of evolving. Right from designs to styles to colors, you’ll find some newness always in our men clothing collection. This time around our catalogue has been updated by kurta for men. You asked and we delivered.

Kurtas are quite versatile and can be worn on multiple occasions by mixing and matching your outfits. Here are some outfit ideas to help you get through your styling woes.

  1. Brunch over Breakfast.

    Don’t we all want to simply gorge on scrumptious food in absolute comfort? We can’t think of a better outfit than a casual pair of blue denim shorts teamed with our cool pair of Men White Solid Short Kurta from Bewakoof. It gives you the absolute freedom to binge eat on your favourite desserts while you stylishly stay comfy, all afternoon long. After all, don't we just love some extra space in our outfits for the after food belly? Wink. To lift up the outfit, add a classy pair of shades and tan espadrilles. Now you’re dressed to chill!

  2. Religious Festivities 

    Have a pooja coming up? Worry not. Shop stylish kurta for men from your very own homegrown brand bewakoof. Long kurtas often tug at the ground while sitting and getting up. Leave all your worries at bay as you adorn a short kurta from our men clothing range. Made with 100% cotton, these kurtas are a steal at Rs. 699/-. Get our TriBe membership at just Rs. 99 for 3 months and save some extra bucks. 

  3. Saviour for hot-summer days

    Stay cool, literally and figuratively. Bag some of the coolest gents kurta and keep yourself breezed out on hot summer afternoons! Cotton works the best when it comes to hot and humid weather. Made with 100% pure cotton, these kurtas will make you even wanna sleep in them. Check out this Men Black Solid Short Kurta and Grab yours today!

  4. Workwear Essential 

    Have you heard of the saying "ideas flow when one's at ease"? No? Well, you have now! So why prolong that purchase any further? Available in over 10 colours, these kurtas can be saviours when you just can’t decide what to wear to work. Get over tight formal shirts and pants and bring in short kurtas plus linen trousers as the new workwear essentials. 

  5. Journo Cool

    It is not an unknown fact that journalists have made the kurta a journo uniform, well almost. But none of us can deny that it’s a cool one at that. Get yourself a pair of solid gents kurta from to sport the journo look. Our Men Mustard Solid Short Kurta is perfectly cut out for the look we’re going for. Not a fan of mustard? Worry not. With over 10 colours to choose from, we leave you spoilt for choice. Finish off the look with a pair of statement glasses and a messenger bag. To add more personality to your outfit, wear a cool pair of tan kolhapuri chappals. And voila, you have a new outfit!!!

  6. Chill fest
    Life’s difficult but your clothes don;t have to be! In modern cultures, Kurtas have very popularly become go to outfits for running errands and simply chilling with friends. The comfort level is so high that you just can’t get over them. No matter whether you love them or you hate them, you just can’t ignore them. Get this earthy Olive Solid Short Kurta just for Rs. 649/- from the house of Bewakoof. 

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