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The smartphone market in India is the battleground for global brands who are jostling for customers’ attention. In such a case, it’s relatively hard for any brand to make a name for itself. However, a brand which has managed to stand apart from its competitors is Realme. The latest offering by the brand is the Realme 3 Pro which aims to take down its rivals, with its features and competitive pricing. 

One of the ways you can ensure to enjoy the features of this device is to get a good Realme 3 Pro back cover. One of the major functions of mobile accessories such as phone cases and tempered glass is to enhance the phone’s durability

Enhanced durability 

An essential thing which you would want is to enjoy the features of your smartphone rather than worrying about the external damage. You can order Realme 3 Pro back if you like to combine simplicity along with durability. The phone cases by Bewakoof will offer resistance against damages to chips and internal equipment resulting from falls and breakage. 

Sturdy grip 

A sturdy grip offered by the Realme back covers offers maximum surface to enhance the phone’s grip in your hands. Thereby, one of the major functions to protect is covered. By reducing the chance of your device slipping out, the mobile back cover protects your smartphone from accidental falls and drops. 

The extended warranty 

Most smartphone manufacturers offer a certain product warranty. But after the expiry of the warranty period, your smartphone is prone to becoming inoperational due to internal malfunctioning or external damage. Having a mobile back cover can work as an extended warranty to cover the external damage your phone may suffer. So, you can freely enjoy the benefits of operating your phone with the perks of an external warranty. 

Improved value on resale

As phone cases enhance the longevity and durability of your smartphone, you can easily preserve their original look and sell them at a higher price if you are looking to buy a new device. A small investment can help you reap greater benefits when you feel it’s time to switch to a new smartphone.

Get your unique look

Realme 3 Pro back covers are available in a variety of designs and styles. You can choose from a vast collection of designs available on the website to suit the one which matches your personality. Check out all the range at the Bewakoof store and pick the one which appeals to you the most. 

What makes the back cover a cool accessory? 

The phone covers can support any quirky or motivational quote on the back and is the perfect way of what you want to convey to others. With the updated and clever lingo, you can stay on track with the latest trends. Bewakoof has an array of designs which help showcase your personality in a creative way. In addition to visual appearance, the phone cases are sturdy and allow you to have a strong grip on your Realme 3 Pro device. 

The Realme 3 Pro is a phone that will certainly catch the eyes of a smartphone buyer with its great battery life, good performance, and awesome camera. It checks all the boxes of a good performance device. With the help of a Realme 3 Pro cover, you can ensure its longevity while enjoying using this device.

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