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Realme X is a beautiful piece of hardware that looks good both at the front and the back. Well, that's not the problem. The problem is when users think that a new phone such as Realme X should not be covered because that would spoil the looks of the phone. Well, that’s a misnomer. Take this example. Why do people put the cover on their cars? To prevent it from dust, dirt, and water as these can cause significant damage to the car. Several others don't put a cover on their cars because they find it difficult to wrap and unwrap their cars every day. Mobile phone users have a similar conundrum when it comes to covering their phones. Come to think of it: people use their phones every day and in all places. Chances are one short moment of carelessness that can lead to the mobile phone falling down from hand with damages to the panel. Getting a phone serviced is not cheap, certainly when the phone and model are new. Add to this the pain of taking the phone to a service centre which will cost you a bomb. Secondly, there's no assurance that your phone will be returned to you in a day or two. The service centre might take forever to fix your phone.

In order to protect your Realme X and save thousands of rupees on repairs, you must back your phone with a glass back cover. Well literally. This will not only protect your Realme X from damages but also make it look beautiful. Check our range of Realme X glass back cover here on and buy the one or two that suits your phone and personality. 

The Realme X back cover glass is your phone’s best friend or to put it in lighter words, your phone’s best protector. Let’s just understand why Realme X glass covers from are good. 

  1. Made of Strong Materials

    Tempered glass can absorb shock better than other materials. Each Realme X back cover glass offers triple protection: Glass back, bumper protection, and TPU plastic, and all three work together to give your phone protection from accidental falls.

  2. Looks good on your phone

    The Realme X glass cover has been designed to look good both to the handset and the hand holding the phone. Wherever you are and whatever you do, the Realme X back glass covers will attract attention. 

  3. Light Weight 

    No back cover can be called a back cover if it adds weight to your phone. Today’s smartphones are already bulky and adding any extra weight to the device will only make it uneasy to hold and carry. Bewakoof’s Realme X glass covers are so light that you will not even feel they are on the phone.  

  4. Unlimited choices, designs, and colours

    There’s no reason to limit imagination to just a few basic back covers. We have worked really hard to come up with exciting colours, quirky one-liners, comic elements, and what not just to ensure that the Realme X glass back cover that you select goes well with your personality. Just buy phone cases online on and flaunt it to the world.

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We also assure you of “WYSIWYG,” to deliver “What You See Is What You Get”. Nothing less and nothing more. Speed is our second name. All Realme X glass covers are delivered to you at super-speed so that your phone can get the protection it deserves faster. All items you see online are in stock and ready to ship. 

There’s more to our promise. If you order your Realme X glass cover, you can exchange or return it to us within 15-days for another design or colour of choice. For more discounts than what you see on each of the Realme X glass back covers, you can sign up to become a TriBe member today.