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The right Shampoo is something that not only cleans but also does a lot more than that. Perfect shampoo is the foundation for excellent hair, and hence, it is vital to buy the best shampoo wisely. Everybody dreams about healthy and clean hair, and when you maintain them properly, you can opt for different hairstyles that suit you to redefine your looks quickly. Hence, we bring you a wide array of the best shampoos with exceptional quality formulations. At bewakoof, you can choose shampoos with the gentle formulations or for the unique formulation to take care of your damaged hair, severe hair fall or flaky skin & anti-dandruff problem by Cosmos

Best Shampoos for different Hair Conditions 

1. Dry or Damaged Hair- Dry scalp or hair is a primary cause of hair damage, leading to hair breakage because your hair does not have moisture, making it dry and fragile. Note that any random shampoo does not provide the rich hydration and moisture needed for your hair so, lookout for rich, creamy shampoos that contain ultra-conditioning ingredients like keratin, soy protein, etc. 

2. Frizzy and Dull Hair- The reason behind frizzy and dull hair is the lack of moisture in the hair. Sometimes the hair becomes super dry and out of control and may lead to excess hair fall. Using a conditioner is a must for this hair type. Your hair needs additional moisturising and conditioning that contains essential oils; its controlling extracts, hydrating factor and mainly provides the strands with smooth hold. 

3. Oily Hair- Oily and greasy hair can be annoying at times, and that’s why you need to choose an appropriate shampoo for your hair. In addition, hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands that secrete oil while cold water helps shut them down, so it’s highly recommended to wash your hair with cold water.

Best Shampoos Online At Bewakoof

We offer you a wide range of shampoos and other hair products which keep your hair shiny and clean and hydrated. is the perfect destination for all your skincare needs like lip-care, face wash, face pack, body care, hand wash, personal care, hair care etc. If you wish to possess the opportunity to care for your hair, then invest in the best hair care products desirable for you. Explore the vast collection on our online shopping website and order yours now!! 

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Best Shampoo from Bewakoof 

1. Onion Korean Ginseng Hair Shampoo- Onion is a powerful and effective ingredient for your scalp; hence this shampoo reduces hair fall by giving you shiny and softer hair. In addition, it helps in nourishing, strengthening your hair and increasing the dermal cells, which enhances your root strength.

2. Keratin Shampoo- This Shampoo smoothes and adds nourishment to dry and damaged hair. It gives them structure, strength and a healthy feel. 

3. Argan Shampoo- This Shampoo is enriched with pure organic Argan oil known famously for its nourishment and hydrating properties for hair, making them healthy and giving proportion and volume.  

4. Methi, Bhringraj & Amla Shampoo- This Shampoo cleanses your scalp, restores the pH for much longer and tends to give stronger and thick hair. 

5. Spantra Ginger Shampoo- This Shampoo helps clear your scalp giving you shiny and bouncy hair. It helps with dry scalp and reduces hair fall to a most significant extent.          

6. Spantra Tea Tree Shampoo- Its significant role is to fight dandruff and hair fall. It encourages hair growth by helping to unclog hair follicles and nourishing the roots deeply.

7. Spantra Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo- Helps with detoxifying the hair and scalp by clearing the buildup caused by dust, pollution and dead scalp cells. In addition, it controls curly hair so that you can enjoy your smooth and silky hair all the time. 

8. Spantra Rice Water Shampoo- As we all know, rice water helps with promoting hair growth and strength of your hair hence, this Shampoo does the same. It nourishes your scalp, increases the thickness of your hair to give you shine and elasticity.         

Taking care of your hair is equally important as your skin, so don’t opt for any shampoo but choose a specific type that would nourish and keep your hair hydrated. Selecting a proper shampoo for hair type can be tricky, but with the above guidelines and recommendations, we are sure you’d find the perfect Shampoo from Bewakoof, an online shopping app. We aim for customer satisfaction with our vast range of shampoos, so explore our collection and see what works best for you. Happy Shopping!!!!