Whatsdown Boxers for Men Online in India

The bio of Whatsdown is hilarious and sarcastic. They are snarky and fun. Whatsdown believes that what’s worn below the belt is quite important. They are a millennial brand through and through. It is a brand for the millennials, by the millennials, and of the millennials. Yeah, millennials have their own democracy of boxer briefs. Boxers are an important part of a dude's life. 

Our fashion choices depict the circle of life quite appropriately. It’s all fun and games as a kid and once you grow it’s imperative you have no colour in your life. This is how actually the brand was born. The founder of the brand couldn’t find a fun pair of boxer shorts to save his life. They were all the same boring choices in checks or motifs. Why? Why can’t adults have cool clothing choices like kids and hence, Whatsdown as an antonym to the everyday slang of what's up was born.

Let’s discuss why you should choose Whatsdown other than the fact that they are just awesome.

  1. Sustainable: Millennials often are considered to be neglectful of the environment. Totally pot calling the kettle black situation. However, Whatsdown is sustainable as their boxers are digitally printed by switching from analogue printing processes. So, when you buy Whatsdown products you are helping the environment. Cool, right?

  2. Recyclable Packaging: Today almost every person shops online. The amount of waste that packaging generates is ridiculously high. Whatsdown packaging, however, is completely recyclable and hence, eco-friendly. 

  3. Generates Employment: Whatsdown has created employment for workers using hand-stitching and provides them with a safe working environment. 

  4. Funky Prints: Well! Hello! Have you looked loosely at the awesome prints they offer? The whole idea which they are based on and exist for. 

So, visit Bewakoof.com as soon as humanly possible and buy these awesome boxers online.