3/4th Sleeve T-Shirts For Women


3/4 Sleeve T-shirts for Women Online India at Bewakoof

Just enough warm yet super cool! These Full Sleeve T-shirts for girls are not just comfy but cute too. Stay covered, only because you want to. Ever had one of those days where you can’t choose between layering up and layering down? We have the perfect Topwear for women edit for all such days, the Long T-shirts for Women, from 3/4th Sleeve to Full Sleeve. When it’s not too hot, and not too cold outside, pair our Long Sleeves T-shirts with absolutely anything and you’re good to go because there is almost nothing as amazing and comfortable as these Full Sleeve Long Tops.

What do you mean by 3/4th Sleeves Ladies Long Tops?

Market pleasers ending right below your elbows, the “almost” Full Sleeve Top for Ladies that are the biggest hits this time around are what we call the new Full Sleeve T-shirts for women. Trendy for summers and perfect for Indian winters, these Long T-shirts are sure to turn heads around.

What Bewakoof has to offer in its collection of 3/4th Sleeves Long Tops for Women?

From basic hues of Black, White, Gray to pop colors like Blue, Red, Yellow and Green, and subtle shades of Orange and Pink, we have got it all. Whether they are urban prints or quirky patterns or edgy designs or even quotes, Bewakoof has a lot to offer in 3/4th Sleeves collection. And all of this at prices that are more than just reasonable.

What Bewakoof does differently with these 3/4th Collection?

Catering to the head space of a millennial, these T-shirts turn out as complete standout, but all keeping the main component of any piece of clothing in mind, comfort. The 3/4 Sleeve T-shirts is one-of-a-kind. T-shirts with very unique patterns and great colors. Our designs range from weed, psychedelia, sport trims, number prints, jerseys, plains, super heroes and quotes; we’d say that quirkiness just runs in our blood.

How to style our top-selling Black 3/4th Sleeve Top or Plain White T-shirt?

If you’re confused about what to wear for a day out with your girls or a chill weekend with a special someone, all you need is one of our basics like our Plain White T-shirt or our Black 3/4th Sleeve T-shirts for Women paired with denims (jeans or shorts, whichever you prefer), and you’re good to go. You can always accessorize with a light scarf on windy days.

How can one rule the town with our Women’s Collection?

Whether the temperatures are ascending or descending, our T-shirt does the job of providing you style with comfort the best. It is hence your responsibility to amp up the style quotient well, in order to turn heads round town. After all, we got to do justice to these latest long tops, right? 

Try these unconventional looks maybe:

1. Pair it with: A pair of sexy Shorts
Occasion: To the coffee shop, perhaps? 
Footwear: Any sandals in tan, of your choice. 
Accessories: Stick to the tan color and go for a tank strapped watch, tank sunglasses and a tan belt to show off if you’re inning the top.
Hairstyle: Go for open hair and experience yourself outshine others galore.

2. Pair it with: A pair of Denim Joggers from our collection
Occasion: Chill date with your boyfriend
Footwear: Sliders for women please? 
Accessories: Funky bracelets and a chunky, heavy, statement neck piece.
Hairstyle: We say, a high rise bun would be the perfect thing for this, girls

How are Comfort and Style related to Fashion at Bewakoof?

We at Bewakoof use 100% cotton to make the trendy 3/4 T-shirt. In a country so hot, we make sure we consider all the aspects to make the perfect fabric for you. Perspire-friendly, extremely airy and odor-free, these are sure shot winners, not just in terms of style but also comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of these Ladies Long Sleeve T-shirts right away at a price so reasonable that you’ll thank us later. 

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