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Its now time to stand out, look different and take over the world. And we at Bewakoof, will help you do this. Our Glow in the Dark collection is out and all for grabs now! Cool just got a new definition as nothing is too much now. For all you ladies who want to rise above basic, these uber-smart T-shirts will give you an edge you never knew you needed. Be it a party youve been looking forward to for a long time or that Goa trip that definitely calls for neon bands, paint and glow-in-the-dark tees, and this collection is here to save your grace.

What is the range of glow in the dark T-shirts?

This trend is definitely one that isnt that common. Its exclusive and so out-of-the-box. Moreover it combines our favorite superheroes and the love for offbeat designs! We understand that millenials have limited options and funds so we keep the range to an affordable level.

What about the sizes available in this collection?

The super cool glow in the dark collection comes in all sizes, namely, XS, S, M, L, XL so you dont have to think twice about what to wear to your next hip party!

What all color options are available in this collection?

Being a style dependent on the contrast of two colors one dark and one light, the t-shirts and crop tops are mostly in dark shades. We also have bright and popping colors that make the shines the glow even more. However we do not have light pastels in this collection.

How comfortable will the fabric of these glow in the dark t-shirts be?

Summers can be a terrifying time and comfort is something that we all deserve. We often risk comfort for style but not anymore. The material of our t-shirts is 100% cotton and moreover, its pre-washed from some extra softness!

Why should I choose from Bewakoofs collection of glow in the dark selection?

I would ask you why not? Its the coolest way to fulfill your childhood fantasies. Being able to have the ability to glow and still having the comfort of regular tee is definitely a win-win situation.

How do I style glow in the dark tees?

Its not as tricky as it looks like ladies. Sure if not styled right, people can mistake you for an underdeveloped teenager, but with just a few tips you are good to go. Always keep a high-waisted jeggings or jeans ready. They can elevate your look and make any top-wear look stylish. With a dainty lace choker youre set for the night!

Product - Halftone Batman Crop Top (GID) (BL), wear it with high-waist ripped denim shorts

Occasion Night-Out

Footwear Black Sneakers

Accessories A glow-in-the-dark wrist band and a bright lipstick.

Hairstyle A pulled back blow-out hairdo.