Xiaomi Redmi 8A Dual Mobile Covers

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Redmi 8A dual mobile covers from Bewakoof 

Congratulations! You have bought an excellent phone. However, what you are probably searching for is a perfect shield for your new best friend. Indeed, you can find wide varieties of mobile covers in the market, but they might lack a premium touch. You, being a person of style, might get attracted to the funky designs. But, you must also understand that cheap mobile covers will start to fade and will be damaged before you expected them to.

Thus, you must choose a branded mobile cover, according to your personality. And when it comes to premium Redmi 8A dual mobile covers, what is better than choosing Bewakoof?

Why buy a Redmi 8A dual cover? 

If you have bought a new phone, you must be worried about it getting damaged, right?

A phone cover is an essential accessory you need to own.

Your phone holds everything important to you, and you probably won't like to lose that all in just a single fall.

Redmi 8A dual phone cover protects your mobile from any damages caused by such sudden falls.

And also, you must be bored with the same look of your phone, aren't you?

Here's where Bewakoof's creativity comes to the rescue. Its wide range of back case designs with pocket-friendly prices is specially customized to make you fall in love with them.

You can pick from several styles and patterns according to your personality. 

What does a Redmi 8A dual back cover do?

Are you wondering what makes Bewakoof's mobile accessories so perfect for your precious phones?

Here are some of the pros you don't want to miss out on -

Protection of your phone

The hard plastic back covers by Bewakoof are created by the finest designers, and the cases were finished with a classic matt look. You can indeed travel anywhere with your Realme 8A dual, and Bewakoof's case will protect it from dirt, dust, and falls. 


Beauty is what everyone demands. No matter what accessories it is, it will be in trend if it's stylish and impressive. This is the leading cause of people buying phone covers from Bewakoof because we took the initiative of making your beloved phone look more modern, cool, and impressive. Bewakoof has a wide range of cases with different designs and styles customized for all ages. You can choose from various patterns according to your persona. 

Personalized cases 

Everyone has different styles and fashion choices. We have different moods, dreams, and characters. Bewakoof's extensive range has covered them, be it simple, floral, thought-provoking, graphic, geometric, travel-based, quotes, abstract, cartoons, stars, guitar, or sky. You will find everything you desire on Bewakoof's online store.

More functionality

Phone covers designed by Bewakoof help in maintaining the actual state of the phone's back. They have raised front bezels, which help protect the screen from scratches. They also offer smooth curved construction with no sharp edges.

Better grip

Bewakoof's Redmi 8A dual mobile cover offers a better grip on the smartphone and reduces the chances of slipping the phone while doing any activity.

Features of Redmi 8A dual phone cover from Bewakoof?

  • Back covers by Bewakoof are high-quality, durable, and budget-friendly.

  • These covers are made up of polycarbonate plastic that is hard and long-lasting. The cases have been given a matt finish also. You will get maximum protection from dust, dirt, and falls with a range of attractive patterns and designs.

  • These cases also have high definition printing, which will not scrape or peel off even after using for a while.

  • They are slim and lightweight and offer a firm grip on your smartphone.

  • The raised front bezel of these cases protects the screen from scratches, and the case covers the outer back totally and provides sun protection.

  • There are no sharp edges in the case, and it is designed flawlessly.

  • The case includes easy to access volume/ power buttons and charging points. There are different designs available to choose from according to your personality.

Which Redmi 8A dual case designs are available at Bewakoof?

Simple design 

Some people like basics and simplicity and usually prefer simple patterns for their back covers. Bewakoof offers many simple designs to choose from.

Movies or T.V. shows

If you want to showcase the fandom for your favorite T.V. shows or movies, Bewakoof is here for you; you can choose from various popular ranges of covers designed for the fans and proudly show your love for your favorites.

Cute animals designs

This one is for animal lovers; if you love to see pictures of cute animals online, why not make one your phone cover? You can find an adorable one on Bewakoof's online store.

Motivation quotes

If you want to feel motivated all the time and often read quotes from everyone, have a phone cover with a motivational quote, and you can access all-time motivation. 

Floral patterns

Many people like floral designs; they can make your phone look more beautiful and classy. Choose one from bewakoof's range whether you like dark or light floral. 


Memes are all-time trading; we share a lot of memes regularly with our friends and family. Memes on your phone cover will look cool and trendy. Just go for it and grab the phone cover for your favorite meme; it will grab eyeballs and make your friends a little envious of your phone covers.

Graphics and abstract patterns

We all have a place in our heart for graphics and abstract. It's the newest form of art and looks smart and stylish. Bewakoof offers several cases designed with pictures and abstract for you to choose from

Funny and quirky lines 

Nobody would have ever thought that looking at a phone cover can make them laugh out loud. Well, you can accomplish this by selecting a phone cover with funny and quirky lines. There are many designs available on Bewakoof's store, which suits well to your witty personality.

Why shop for a Redmi 8A dual back case from Bewakoof?

With our smooth online shopping experience, we assure that you will enjoy shopping for favorites at Bewakoof.You can use different filters for finding the best back-case design for your phone and get spoiled by so many other choices, that too in such an affordable range. Thus, you do not have to compromise style with quality. At Bewakoof, we assure you that you will find the best deals of the market. 

What more to ask for?

Not just for Redmi 8A dual mobile cases, but you can find many other covers for leading smartphone brands. Discovering your brand and model in a few clicks without any discomfort is what makes us different. The covers are so affordable that you can even buy two-three cases to use for other occasions.

How to select the right mi cover for your phone?

Select the right brand and model on Bewakoof's online store, then choose the case which best fits your personality.

Also, you can choose different styles for your different moods; if you love to travel and at the same time want a meme cover too, then you can buy both to flaunt them in front of your friends (because they are affordable as well as trendy).

Also, you can get a tribe membership on Bewakoof for an extra discount. With tribe membership, you can also get to know earliest about the new arrivals.

So, go on and grab your Redmi 8A dual mobile cover today; what are you waiting for? Your favorite styles are waiting.