Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Mobile Covers

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Gone are the days when mobile phones were used to just make calls and text. Now mobiles are used to send snaps, watch videos, socialise and lots more. They have become a necessity in such a way that they are now placed in the category of roti, kapda, makan. If Amitabh Bachchan was to quote the ‘mere paas maa hai' dialogue today, he would have said - ‘mere paas maa hai, aur smartphone bhi.’ Yes, that's important.


But we all know, the talent does not lie in buying the perfect phone, it lies in maintaining it. Are you maintaining it? No? Then, let us help you. Presenting the amazing range of Bewakoof’s Redmi Y2 Back Covers.


Importance Of Mobile Covers

Every product is unique, but cannot sustain on its own. The world we live in is an example of how interdependent everything is. Similarly, good phones, would become the best with the right Back Covers. Mobile phones are nothing but a set of technologies, and these small products are quite fragile because of the intricate technicalities present inside slim and trim metallic bodies. 


Bewakoof’s super cool range of Redmi Y2 cases are suitable for your phones to protect them from all kinds of damages. Our covers will safeguard your phone if it accidentally falls. And, our covers will also save the surface from sporting a dull look while it is still new.


You don’t need to worry anymore as Bewakoof’s mobile accessories are designed to make you and your phone look fashionable and trendy. The funky colours, pop designs, bold typography and some other attractive designs are all you need!


The Design Variations: Who does not like to be appreciated? With this range of funky and cool Y2 back covers, you will not hear the end of it. We present an extensive range of designs after considering the needs of different personalities.Starting from a range of colors, the never-ending variety of graphics and characters that we adore, are all covered by these Redmi Y2 back covers.

If you are an open-hearted cheerful soul, you have the option of going with a bindaas kickass slogan. If your love of food dominates any other lover, you have delicious options for your exclusive back cover. If you are a Bollywood fan, you can carry with you the dialogues that went viral and were on everyone’s nerve like Baka Tu Reva De Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Mobile Cover and more. If you are someone who likes being serene and is a fan of subtle tones, then check out our range of covers in soft shades with minimal designs.


Simple One-Liners: These quirky one-liners will leave a mark on anyone who takes a look at your cover. 


Movie Dialogues: Take your favorite movie dialogues with you wherever you go.  


Comic Characters: Who can forget their favorite cartoon characters? They used to be our imaginary friends, after all. 

Scroll through our collection of Xiaomi Back Covers, and might your favorite cartoon character today. 


Happy Quotes: So what if your blood group is not B+, you can still stay positive reading these happy and positive quotes. 


The one with Sequins: With flowy sequins at the back of your phone, you can easily pass your time playing with it. But you might find some difficulty getting your niece away from them though. What can we say, they are lovely!


Interesting patterns: Get ready to be blown-away by the magic of not-so-magical illusions like Cloudy Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Mobile Cover, Floyd Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Mobile Cover and more.


Beautiful and Interesting doodles: Awaken your artistic soul with these doodles and stay energized even in that boring physics class. 


Some for the Science lovers too: Now, let’s not leave the nerds behind, they drive the world after all. You will find a range of nerdy designs too, right here at Bewakoof!


Features of Bewakoof’s Redmi Y2 Covers


Bewakoof’s phone covers are all about your phone’s safety and your personality. These phone covers will always be along with you and will speak of what your persona is. Be it Apple Cover, Samsung Covers, Oneplus Back Covers or any other brand, we have got all covered for you.


We manufacture these cases with durability in mind. When you buy a back cover for your phone, you want it to last longer than your previous cover to get the best value for your money. The cases are made with hard plastic that promises a long life.. 


Any mobile case you choose will provide overall protection to your device. We design back covers with extra bezel to protect your screen from impact.


Price Range: Bewakoof offers the best products in the most effective price range. The prices are very nominal. You can comfortably purchase a back cover for your Redmi Y2 phone without breaking your bank. We have a wide range of designs to fit the needs of people of all ages. The best part about such a low price range is that you can have multiple of these and curate your collection. Bewakoof also offer Tribe Membership to their customers in which customers never pay full price for any product.




Bewakoof’s Redmi Y2 covers are all set to change the way people look at you. These covers have the design factor, the spark and the right material needed to provide long life to your phones. Grab the ones that suit your preferences today!