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How to tie a tie knot - A Perfect guide to various tie knot styles.

Different types of tie knots for men to give you just the edge you need to look your best at all times. Master the art of tying a tie the right way and know the art of matching ties to your suits and shirts.

Ties have been an integral part of a man’s wardrobe, irrespective of their age. However, most times the accessory has been limited to the formal section of the wardrobe thus restricting its use. Instead of burying them under your heap of clothes or letting them hang loosely on a hanger inside your closet, it’s time you pull them out and make the best use of it. You can break the monotony of any attire by pairing the right coloured tie with an apt tie-knot which will suit the occasion and make you look suave and sophisticated.

Instead of making it a habitual ritual to knot your tie in a certain way with a particular ensemble, try experimenting and it can work wonders for you. Do not dread a formal event or a dress-code invitation because your tie can make you look stylish and quirky. Whether you’re turning your desk to party look from formal to casual, or attending your best friend’s reception, we have you covered on this one to rock your look. Also, if you still are unsure of the different ways you could knot a tie; trust us there are more than you could think of.

Only if you had known that every tie-knot has a style message it exhibits, you would wish this guide came to your rescue earlier. But as they say, better late than never, so it’s time you get working on letting your cool tie-knots speak for your fashion! Here’s a style guide on how to tie a tie and different tie-knot styles.

How To Tie a Tie Knot

How to Tie a Tie – Easy Step-by-Step

  1. Place the tie around the collar in a way that the wide hand of the tie is placed on your right and the narrow end on your left. You need to only move your wide end to tie and adjust the knot and the narrow end should be above the belly button.
  2. Bring the wide end on to the narrow end to the left in a way of crossing them.
  3. While crossing both ends, bring the wide end under the narrow end and back to the right.
  4. Go over the half-loop that has already been formed, to create one more loop by taking the wider end again, under the narrow end.
  5. While bringing it back, tuck it into the knot loop in the middle instead of getting it to the right.
  6. You can tighten the knot loop by pulling on the wide end to the place where it is comfortable for you, and does not get suffocating. Ensure the tip of the tie barely touches the center of your belt buckle.

The Basics Of Tying A Tie ( Simple Tie Knot)

Simple Tie Knot - Bewakoof Blog

Most often men tend to ditch wearing a tie, because they do not know how to knot a tie or they are too plain lazy to do it. Which one of these did you think was the reason behind Amitabh Bachchan asking Jaya Bachchan do it every time in Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham/ K3G?

Whatever be the reason for Amitabh in the movies, we thought of helping our men, to make the best use of this accessory in their closet, in simpler ways so that they can always look effortlessly gentlemanly. Most men often do not even know to make a tie knot or can hardly manage tying the Simple knot which is also referred to as the four in hand knot as it is the most common and easiest knot-style, which is believed to be invented by British horsemen. In order to wear a tie the right manner, all you need to do is follow these steps:

If you are not aware on how to tie a tie-knot and if it will suit your face, we decided to put your doubts away. The four-in-hand tie knot has a smaller, slightly longish shape that is perfect for narrow spread collars as well as for button down collar dress shirts.

While you continue practicing your found-in-hand tie knot, there are various simple styles such as the Half Windsor and Windsor knots, however when you want to experiment further, there are fancier tie knot styles for you to check out!

Tie Knot 1 - Bewakoof Blog

A classic and a four-in-hand tie knot styles are simple, but the best part of learning to tie a tie in its classic form is that one can pair it with absolutely anything that one would like. Whether, you want to look formal for a business meeting or a friend’s reception; or all you want to dress semi-formal to an office party that you’re heading straight to, from the office, a tie can complement your look at all times.

Which tie knot to use? Know how to choose a right tie when dressing up.

Tie Knot 2 - Bewakoof Blog

How to match Men’s Shirt and Tie Combinations -

Tie is an accessory that never goes wrong with white shirts, especially if you’re wondering which tie can be paired with a blue suit. The trick is in finding the right tie colour and while the red tie-blue tuxedo combination has already been overplayed, it is an all-time favourite on men amongst age groups.

How to choose best tie Colours

To experiment with shades of red, maroon and wine with different patterns is always a good option. A blue tie suiting the colour of the tux is a safe option to play around with and if you are looking to try-out options, colours like yellow, brown and hot pink can also add to the style.

How to Match Ties to your Shirt Collars

The trick is to get the colours and the attire right, with your accessory! While a button-down collar is the unrivalled way to get your look together for a four-in-hand knot, the Windsor or the Shelby might suit you when you’re wearing a shirt with a wide-collar.

How to choose a perfect tie knots

It is not always the ensemble that goes with the accessory but a lot more like your face and the neck structure. For instance, a man with a wide face and neck combination should opt for a bigger knot style like the Christensen knot, whereas someone who has a narrow face structure must go for the four-in-hand knot style which has a small knot. Finally, do not overlook different tie-styles because thinner ties are best knotted in the classic knot, whereas the thicker ones made of Italian silk look better with a wide triangular knot, or the fancy tie-knots

The next time you decide to dress up, don’t ditch that tie in your closet. Rather, be confident and try to incorporate the accessory into your ensemble because come on, experimenting never failed! It’s all in your hand to gain the easy of mastery and soon, you can make it the staple menswear addition to your clothing collection.

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