Women's Blue T-Shirts


Blue t shirts for women exude a calm vibe while making you look fabulous. You can wear a dark shade of blue during winters and autumn, but a lighter or pastel hue will keep you cool under the sweltering summer heat. To beat the heat, chill, and rain in style, choose from a wide range of blue t-shirts for women at Bewakoof. With these latest designs, you will always stay at the forefront of the latest trends in the market and your peers will appreciate your sense of style.

Bewakoof.com becomes the friend you need when going fashionable. We have a vast range of ladies’ blue t-shirts to help you build an outfit for every occasion. Now, while t-shirts are super versatile as a garment, and so is the colour blue. But you can’t wear the same blue t-shirt with everything and every occasion.

Range of Blue T-shirts for Women at Bewakoof

You will always have a T-shirt for different occasions when you fill your wardrobe with Bewakoof products. We understand the importance of shade in colours because not every shade of blue is perfect for every event. While the light blue colour T-shirts for women are perfect for dates and formal events like meetings, a darker shade is worn at casual events like hangout with friends or celebrations like birthdays. Let’s check out the range of colour and design options available in our store. 

Crop Top: Blue crop tops for women are ruling the world with their light and dark shades. You can find the best shades of blue crop tops to pair with your high-waisted jeans and varsity jackets. 

Scoop Neck: Perfect and fun scoop necks are back in style. Get the latest printed ones for wearing at home and find the perfect shade of blue scoop neck t-shirt for matching with your dressy outfit. 

Round Neck: These type of ladies blue t-shirts are a godsend for different events. You can easily match the blue Plain T-shirts for Women with different types of formal and informal jackets to create looks for dozens of events. A round neck t-shirt is a must have for your wardrobe.  

Why Choose Bewakoof?

You will find a lot of choices to get spoilt with on this website. We understand your need to style and satisfy it by offering premium products that fit your budget. The clothes on the website are so affordable that you can but many of them at once. They are made from the best choice of jersey lightweight fabrics using pure cotton to provide day-long comfort. We want you to get the latest styles as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on the trends. 

In addition to the blue coloured t-shirts for women, you can also dive in to explore our range of accessories like socks and mobile covers, or other clothing products like bottom wear and dresses. When you complete your outfit by wearing products bought from Bewakoof, a sense of confidence will radiate from your style when you walk out of the door. 

Styling Tips

1. With Jeans: While you can pair the blue color t-shirts for women with jeans. You can pair a half-sleeved t-shirt with your regular-fit or skinny jeans for a casual look perfect for attending classes. A well-fit scoop neck or round neck blue t-shirt with full sleeves or three-quarter sleeves works well to give you a more defined look over these Women Denim Jeans. You can pair these with a pair of high-waisted mom jeans to emphasize your waist and look a little more dressed up. 

2. With Trousers: Your teens and early twenties are the peak time to boost up your CV with internships. Nobody expects you to turn up in a power suit, but some amount of professionalism is expected. Toe the perfect balance between work-ready and youthful vivacity by pairing t-shirts with trousers. 

Well fitted scoop-neck or round-neck t-shirts with full or three-quarter sleeves go really well with flowy trousers. Blue t shirts for women are actually the perfect choice for this because the colour adds to the overall air of professionalism. You can go for high-waisted flowy trousers that expose a bit of ankle, or a paperbag-waist with a belt, to keep it chic and young. Try to keep your blue t-shirt a single solid shade of blue, devoid of prints, to keep the look neat and professional. 

However, this look is not restricted to internships and interviews. You can easily transition these into a fun outing with your friends at a cafe by experimenting with subtle prints or stripes in your trousers or switching out the tailored trousers for a more flowy palazzos pair.

Contrast is key when pairing your blue t-shirt with trousers. If you are going for a lighter pair of pants in cream, beige, or khaki, a dark blue t-shirt is your perfect bet. If your pants are black or navy, stick to a lighter hue of blue in your t-shirts. 

3. With Shorts: Ladies blue t shirts with a pair of shorts make for the perfect laidback and comfy summer look. You can always go for the regular-fit half-sleeved t-shirts, but summers call for experimentation. You can pair your denim shorts (distressed or otherwise) or comfy colourful cotton shorts with boxy boyfriend T-shirts, or a super cool cropped t-shirt. If you are looking for the perfect brunch outfit to hang out with your friends after an early-morning class, pair your three-quarter sleeved fitted t-shirts with a pair of paperbag-waist highrise cotton or linen shorts, or maybe tucked into a regular pair of high-waisted denim shorts. 

4. With Skirts: Skirts may seem like an odd pairing with t-shirts, but hear us out! T-shirts tucked into skirts are actually a very chic yet understated cool-girl aesthetic you can go for. Tuck your t-shirt into a maxi or short skirt, and feel like a Parisian diva right here in India. 

5. With a Dress: A half-sleeved t-shirt works great under dresses to make it more casual and conservative, yet super fashionable. Go for a dark blue t-shirt if your dress is lighter, while a light blue one works under pretty much everything. When you begin to feel a nip in the air in autumn, switch out the half-sleeved t-shirt to a full-sleeved one.  


You can find a variety of blue colour t-shirts for women on Bewakoof.com. Ranging from quirky prints and Disney merch to solid tees, from boyfriend tees to cropped tees, and of course, round necks, scoop necks, half sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, and full sleeves- there is a perfect ladies’ blue t shirt here for you to indulge your love for blue in.

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