Women's Bra


Top 10 Types of Bra for Women Online 

When it comes to women’s innerwear, one cannot think about any other outfit than bra and panty. The combination of these two lets women style in a way they want to. There are several reasons why it becomes extremely essential for women to wear a bra in their daily routines. 

Some of the reasons why it is important to wear a bra are as follows: 

  • Wearing the right kind of bra provides support to a female body. Due to the heaviness of the breasts, it is recommended to wear a bra that would keep the breasts intact at one particular place. 

  • A lot of women out there complain of saggy breasts. It can be prevented if the person starts wearing the bra at a very early age. By keeping the organs at one particular place, it prevents the same.

  • Above everything, it’s the comfort that is imparted by this outfit. Of course, needless to mention that you should never wear the bra during your bedtime or all day long, but it is recommended to wear it whenever you have to walk around and get everyday chores done. 

Keeping all these pointers in mind, while choosing a bra for yourself, do explore all the available options. Since online shopping in India has come a long way and is ever-increasing, you can now lay your hands on the best bra collection on Bewakoof. Bras online have many more deals and options than your usual stores. Now let’s go through bras of every kind. The list is mentioned below: 

  1. Balconette Bra: These bras provide proper support to your breasts and lift them. 

  2. Strapless Bra: These are your tube bras. Without straps, extremely soft and comfortable to wear. In a strapless bra, the maximum support is imparted from the band. So, while purchasing the same, make sure that the band is sturdy enough. 

  3. Bralette: One can pair this with an overcoat, jeans, and long boots to get the best look possible. A combination of bra and crop top makes a bralette. Mostly designed delicately to impart a classy look to any person. 

  4. Sports Bra: Your workout or yoga sessions cannot be completed without a pair of sports bras. Get a couple of these and sort your workout sessions like never before. 

  5. Racerback Bra: An ideal bra for your workout sessions. It provides a few extra straps that help in your hand movement and keeps it flexible.  

  6. T-shirt Bra: T-shirt bra is more loose and free-flowing, mostly to wear beneath your tees. 

  7. Wireless Bra: Bras without any wiring that are extremely comfortable to wear and provide breathable space to a person.  

  8. Stick-on Bra: It is a bra without straps. A stylish bra that you can wear when you wear a dress, especially an off-shoulder one. 

  9. Maternity Bra: While a woman is lactating, it becomes difficult for her to feed the child if she is wearing the usual kind of bra. To make the process easier, your maternity bras come into the picture with a zip in the front. 

There are certainly other types of bras as well that you can find in the market, but this list consists of the main types that are being used on a day-to-day basis. Buy bra online at the lowest prices like never before on Bewakoof. Clovia is a well-known brand of bra available on Bewakoof. It comes with a plethora of collections when it comes to women’s innerwear. 

Now get your hands on the latest collection of bras. Bra shopping is like therapy to a lot of women out there. So, why wait for it? On Bewakoof, the TriBe Members get an additional discount on every product. Get your membership today and get shopping!