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Cosmos Personal care collection: Recharge your skin from head to toe

Cosmos is our homegrown personal care collection, curated by Bewakoof. Each of Bewakoof Cosmos products is a star for a star within you. Leave all your hassles behind and switch to a touch of the Universe with premium skincare essentials. Cosmos is India’s 1st mineral-based beauty range- one stop shop for all your skin problems.

A touch of Universe for every star

Cosmos products are mineral based beauty products- a universe of natural ingredients to help rebuild, revive and re-energize your skin from head to toe.

Here’s what you can choose from our universe

  1. Serum: Cosmos face serum is your right choice when it comes to fighting pigmentation and dull skin. Use it twice, in the morning and at night before bed for an even-toned skin.

  2. Facewash: Bewakoof Cosmos face wash gives a kick start to your challenging day. Pomegranate and copper increase your blood circulation, making you ready to challenge every day.

  3. Bodywash: Cosmos body wash is rich in neem, melon, and zinc and helps to clean and exfoliate your skin. It removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates them.

  4. Face mask: Reduce your acne and dark spots with Cosmos Vitamin C face mask, rich with Hibiscus. You can also try Cosmos Magic mineral face sheets.

  5. Face scrub: Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘a healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy mind’. Remove all dead skin cells with Cosmos face scrub rich in Oat extract and zinc to give you a healthy, plum face with confidence.

  6. Bath Bar: Rich with minerals, the Cosmos Gemstone Bath bars are made to soften your skin and rejuvenate them. You can get the bath bar in ruby, yellow diamond, black, and golden glow gemstones.

  7. Night cream: Your skin works harder than your brain, takes the scorching sunlight and winter’s dryness. Hence it demands greater nourishment. Rich with Rose and zinc, the Cosmos hydration gel purifies and soothes your tired, uneven skin as you retire for the night.

  8. Body lotion: Your body radiates the nourishment you give to it. The Cosmos body lotion has the richness of shea butter and magnesium, which is just right for your ever-radiating, youthful skin.

  9. Face moisturizer: Skin hydration and moisturization are very important. With Cosmos vitamin E and magnesium moisturizer, your skin nourishes in no time, rebuilding the cellular process.

  10. Lip mask: Your lips can be easily chapped in winters and summers. Say bye-bye to chapped lips and prevent further irritation and dark pigmentation of lips with Cosmos zinc and olive oil lip mask.

  11. Beard softener: having hard beard hair can cause roughness and itchy skin. Use Cosmos Beard softener with shea butter, cocoa, and jojoba oil to soften your beard, reduce itching, and evenly tone the color.

  12. Bath salt: Worried about excessive oil in the skin? Gently exfoliate all the excess oil with lemon rich Cosmos bath salt. It is a mood booster and heals minor rashes, giving a rejuvenating effect.

  13. Eye mask: Reduce dark spots and pigmentation with Cosmos under-eye mask. It helps prevent under-eye puffiness, reduces wrinkles, and relaxes your skin. It also helps to increase REM sleep and elevates melatonin levels.

Why is Bewakoof your first choice?

Bewakoof offers you products that increase your style and smile quotient.

The newly launched Bewakoof Cosmos skincare essentials offer you better, healthier & radiant skin like never before.

Select from our plethora of skincare products online. Brighten and lighten your mood with pomegranate face wash. Recharge your skin with face serum and night cream. Remove all dead skin cells with bath salt and bath gemstone.

With our personalized moisturizer range, say bye-bye to dull and dry skin.

Bewakoof Cosmos has brought a ‘skincare revolution’ with these newly launched products. Each product is made from natural ingredients and extracts to protect your skin and give it a renewed look. Use as many times, buy for yourself and others repeatedly We won’t tell anyone!

Buy skin care products online today and flaunt your ever-vibrant and radiant skin!

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