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There Is Method In The Madness - The Crossloop Collection On Bewakoof India Is All The Rage

How many times have you untangled your earphones after a furious struggle, only to discover that the cable has snapped? Or did your dog chew through your mobile charger because the cable quality was super flimsy? We know how earphones go from a super expensive investment to a useless piece of wire in just seconds when caught in your bag’s zipper. These incidents happen too many times to many people out there, and they cause heartache, headache and a gradually declining bank balance.

It is time to upgrade to something better, more sturdy, and of course, more stylish. The Crossloop collection on Bewakoof will elevate your mobile accessories collection like never before, and wait until you see the mad designs they have curated. Now you must be wondering what all the hype is about, so let’s take a look!

Crossloop Who?

A young up and coming designer brand for tech accessories, Crossloop is the next big thing in India’s tech market. A seamless confluence of supreme tech quality and cutting-edge fashion is what this Indian designer tech brand stands for. Earphones, mobile charging cables and speakers make up their collection, and each product is crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

The Crossloop earphones are hands down showstoppers of their collection, with their Aztec style colour combinations and super dependable quality. It is a designer accessory that has been created specifically with a dynamic sense of style in mind and is sure to make heads turn when you flaunt them on the streets.

Their products are made with an innovative fabric-braided design that makes them much more sturdy than standard plastic coated wires.

8 Reasons Why Crossloop Accessories Should Be Your Next Purchase

The Crossloop collection is available on Bewakoof, and there are multiple reasons for you to get your hands on them as soon as possible! Here are some of the reasons why we adore the collection:

  • Innovative Technology - Whether you want the Crossloop earphones or the Crossloop Type C cables, they all are made with an innovative technology that uses a fabric-braiding to protect the internal wire. This technology is what ensures that the product lasts for a very long time and does not break easily.

  • Lasts longer than your relationships - The main issue with mobile accessories is that they do not last long. The constant wear and tear makes it necessary to replace borderline broken accessories with a new one frequently. Poor quality or worn out accessories also affect the longevity and performance of our device. A bad charging cable can severely impact your phone’s performance. The protective covering on the Crossloop charging cables and Crossloop earphones makes it break-resistant and ensures you get a solid return on your investment on this long-lasting product.

  • It’s called fashion - The quirky colours used in braiding are simply incredible to look at, and will definitely make you the talk of the party when you flaunt them in front of your friends. From bright colours like pink, blue and orange to the classic black and white pattern, the Crossloop collection gives you an opportunity to showcase your style and channel your inner fashionista.

  • No more wrestling with your wires - If half your commute is over by the time you successfully untangle your earphones, then you need to level up my friend. The protective jacket on the Crossloop wires makes it strong and also ensures that it does not tangle up in your bag. Smoothly pull it out, plug it in and start vibing to your jam, because the days of wrestling with your earphone wires or charger cables are behind you.

  • Recycle, Recycle, and Recycle - Did you ever think you could actually make an earphone part of your outfit? Well, the guys at Crossloop sure did. The Crossloop designer earphones can actually be recycled and worn like a bracelet to match your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. Plug in the earphones and listen to your favourite jams, and when you are done, simply wrap the wire around your wrist to turn it into a cool bracelet. The perfect accessory hack, don’t you think?

  • Cut through the noise - The Pink Floyd song you are listening to does not have auto rickshaw horn sounds in it, so why do you keep hearing them? This is because your current earphones are not efficient enough to tune out the outside noise. The Crossloop earphones come with noise isolating earbuds, which make sure that you hear what you want without any interference or external disturbance. You will receive three different sizes of ear tips along with your earphones, making it super convenient for you to adjust your hearing according to your preferences, because size does matter people!

  • Compatible - Did we mention that these mobile accessories from Crossloop are quite polyamorous? They are literally compatible with every device! It does not matter which brand’s smartphone you are using. The Crossloop earphones and Crossloop charging cables will work with any device of your choice. This makes it super easy to use them when you are juggling multiple different devices of different brands.

  • Value for your money - The durability, style and quality of Crossloop products make it a super lucrative investment. It is not obnoxiously expensive, making it affordable for people who want to level up and invest in the next generation of tech. The reasonable price range helps you bag the product on your wishlist, without burning a hole in your pocket. What’s not to love, eh?

Also, check out the range of high quality, stylish and affordable mobile accessories, specially the unending range of premium mobile covers, that we have to offer and give your smartphone a complete makeover! Elevate your style game and do so with India’s first of its kind fashion tech brand, Crossloop and Bewakoof’s family of mobile accessories!