Duffle Bags

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Bothered about how to keep your belongings organized and safe? Here comes the wide array of duffle bags from Bewakoof to help keep your stuff arranged and out of a mess. From packing your belongings for going to the gym or on a weekend trip with friends, travelling can be made easier and streamlined with a duffle bag taking care of your necessary belongings. 

What are you waiting for? Pick your duffle bag and grab the opportunity to flaunt your taste justifying your eye for a utilitarian yet stylish accessory that can carry a handsome volume of your knick-knacks. We keep our gamut augmented with a super elegant collection comprising trendy and modish duffle bags for women and men. 

Choose Duffle Bags For Multiple Purposes

The utilities of having a cool and trendy duffle bag in your wardrobe are countless. We, at Bewakoof, aim at summing up your look of the day, besides helping you carry your stuff in an arranged manner, effortlessly. Therefore, when we say that a duffle bag is essential, we are not making any exaggerations. Here are some of the splendid features of a duffle bag that makes it a must in your essential accessory wardrobe.  

A Perfect Gym Accessory: Your extra suit, water bottle, juice bottle, gym accessories, and a full-size towel will get into our duffle bags effortlessly. Pick from a variety of gym-ready prints and classy plains. 

An Outstanding Weekend Trip Solution: Going out on a weekend trip with friends or family? We can make your holidays and weekend plans more interesting, with one of our bags to accommodate all your belongings safely in one single bag. 

Amazing Bag For Any Outfit: No matter what your choice of attire for the day is, choose a mini backpack or a duffle bag carefully from Bewakoof’s gamut to justify your look. Opt from our wide variety of men’s duffle bags to make sure that you become the talk of the town for your sense of styling. 

Your Companion To Sports Sessions: Have a knack for sports? Make a duffle bag from our collection, your company, to your regular practice sessions. Our varied gamut of duffle bags can take care of the variety of requirements you might have. From single room bags to multiple compartment gym bags, you will have every sort of duffle bag available with us. 

For Fishing Or Hunting Nerds: Do you love to spend your spare time fishing or hunting? A duffle bag can be your perfect companion for carrying all your essentials. We offer a wide variety inclusive of gym bags for men and duffle bags for women featuring a plethora of stunning and attractive colors that can instantly add to the overall appeal of your look of the day.

A Great Gifting Option: Bored of gifting cards, chocolates, and flowers? Pick a funky looking duffle bag from our collection as a gift for a friend, or relative, or even parents. Various gym bags for women and men will make for the perfect gift!

Bewakoof’s Array Of Duffle Bags Stands Apart

We have always aimed at making your shopping experience richer and tried to add value to your purchase. Every product that we offer is exceptional in terms of quality and designs both. Though duffle bags are quite common these days, we make sure that each of our bags carries the signature mark of Bewakoof through its colour, design, material, and structuring. Here is what you can expect from a duffle bag purchased from Bewakoof. 

Design: We make the duffle bags perfect eye candies. Bewakoof keeps the trend in mind while designing gym bags women. You will find the latest and the most striking abstract designs, themes, memes, quotes, and more on our bags. 

Material: We believe in nothing but the best. Each bag at Bewakoof be it gym bag or laptop bags or duffle bags feature the best quality material ensuring durability and style at the same time. Our duffle bags are sure to be durable accessories with minimum wear and tear over time. 

Color: It is what makes every bag at Bewakoof unique. From all-purpose black, humble grey, classy brown, sophisticated blue to arresting neon shades, we make our gamut of duffle bags as colorful as it could be. Choose a bright red bag for your gym or a coal-black one for travelling from Bewakoof’s color-riot collection. 

Size Variety: We, at Bewakoof, keep the size of the bags varied to suit the purposes of use. This is why we have kept our assortment of duffle bags diverse in terms of sizes. Pick an extra-large one, or a medium-sized one or a small one based on how much stuff you are planning to carry inside the bag.

Filter: What makes browsing through Bewakoof’s extensive gamut easier are our filter options. If you know precisely what you need like Mr. Perfection Printed Small Backpack or Marvel Logo Comic Printed Small Backpack or let it be anything, we have filters to set your search right. Apply the color filter, design filter (printed, plain, etc.), price filter (high to low and vice versa), and pick the right bag for you. 

Maintenance Tips For Duffle Bags

If you have a gym bag for men or women at home, make sure that you keep it clean. If you are using it regularly, wash it with cold water and liquid soap weekly once and dry under shade to keep it germ-free and safe from quick wear and tear. 

If you are using your duffle back occasionally, wash it after every use and dry under shade before you wrap it up and place it at the corner of your wardrobe. A little maintenance can always add to the service life of your bag. 

If you register at Bewakoof, you can keep the list of items chosen safely to access later. Online shopping is easier and consumes little time and energy of yours to settle for the right product. If you feel that a duffle bag is essential for you, browse through Bewakoof’s extensive collection and choose a funky bag that would spruce up your look of the day besides being of service. Don't forget to check out our other categories like Notebooks, Mobile Covers, Graphic Boards are more.