Full Sleeve Printed T-Shirt for Women

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Full Sleeve Printed T-Shirt for Women Are The Best Thing For Your Closet

For women, T-Shirts are an evergreen attire. You won’t find a single wardrobe that doesn’t have its stock of staple Tees. Full sleeve printed T-Shirts for women are easy to wear, trendy, and timeless. You can wear them all day, or hit the bed at night in a Tee. You can wear it to the movies or the mall, on a mountain trek, or to the beach - take your pick.

T-shirts originally gained popularity as an undergarment. But its comfort, style, and the snug fit were not to be hidden under layers of clothes for long. By the 1970s, Tees had climbed the fashion ladder to become popular leisurewear for all. While shopping for T-Shirts, most women follow their hearts and instincts, and not fashion catalogs. The best Tee, after all, is what looks and feels right on you. And when buying that full sleeve printed T-Shirt, you are your own best judge. The minute you slip into that Tee, 

you’ll know whether it works and whether it flatters and flaunts your diva style!

How women can rock their Full Sleeve Printed T-Shirts

Till not too long ago, T-Shirts were considered home wear, to be donned while lounging on the couch and watching a movie on a Saturday night. But now, the humble T-Shirt has undergone a fashion transformation. It can be worn to work, for shopping, partying, holidaying, you name it. Full Sleeve T-Shirts can actually be worn to suit every occasion. Let’s look at how women can work their Full sleeve printed T-Shirts to create new, stylish looks.

The Party look: Tuck your printed full sleeve T-Shirt into those black skinny jeans, swipe on a dash of red lipstick – and you’re ready to be the life of any party. The basic Tee just transformed into a knock-out party look.

The Trekking look: Are you heading off to scale the icy-cold Himalayan peaks? The full sleeve T-shirts are an integral trekking companion. They’re lightweight and the most snug-fitting clothes to pack - therefore, reducing the load in your rucksack. Team them with a pair of track pants, wind-cheater, and trekking shoes, and you’re dressed just right for the long, steep walks ahead.

The Hanging Out With Friends Look: T-Shirts are the perfect chic option when you’re spending a day hanging out with friends. Don them with a pair of skinny jeans and flat sandals and you can wander around all day, gossiping and sharing endless mugs of coffee with your gal pals.

Just when the Winter Approaches: As the mercury dips and we get respite from the heat, wear that full sleeve printed T-Shirt that adds just the right amount of warmth to keep you happy and lets you enjoy the weather.

The Evergreen Bewakoof T-Shirt Collection

Bewakoof’s line-up of full sleeve printed T-Shirts for women packs in style, comfort, coolness, and cuteness. Also, our Tees always keep in mind that sacrificing fashion is never an option. You’ll find just the right Tee that fits your personality type. 

If cute prints work for you, then we have the Dog Paw pocket T-Shirts, the `Keep Smiling’ Pooh T-Shirts, or the Climbing Pocket Panda Tees to up your cuteness quotient. 

If you like your Tees to do the talking for you then pick from a range of cool quotes: `So much World, So little time’, `Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’, or the classic one-liner we all want to adopt in our lives, ‘Do what you Love’.

Colors and Sizes Unlimited

Don’t fret about not finding the right size or colors. We have it all covered. 

  • Our color palette ranges from the primary to every shade of secondary color – be it purple, pink, or azure. Just imagine the color that looks best on you, and we have it in our collection.

  • We have a size that fits all for our range of full sleeve printed T-Shirts. Between our regular and oversize range, we cover every body type, with sizes that start from XS and go all the way up to 3XL. 

  • Go for a neck design that shows off your collar bones to best results: pick your style mantra from scoop neck, boat neck, or Henley neck.

  • Our full sleeve printed T-shirts are priced such that they will have you sit up and take a second look. Starting from Rs 225, you’ll find your favorite comfort-wear under Rs 500. Now that’s what we call a steal deal! 

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Had a change of heart? Swap your T-Shirt for a replacement 

We have a 15-day return policy. If the item you’ve purchased is something you want to return will take it back. And if you want a replacement, you only have to ask.

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