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The era of being uncomfortable or dressing to impress others is long gone. Today the GenZ prioritizes themselves above the need to impress others. They want to wear something that they relate to and Funkfeets is one such example of this. 

Funkfeets prides itself on its sneakers that they launched for the millennials of India. These shoes as said are an emotion. Millennials want footwear that represents them. They want to be known for who they are rather than where they come from. 

Comfortable and Quirky

The sneakers by funkfeets are not only quirky but also comfortable and light. Every design by funkfeets represents a quirky characteristic of your own personality and trust us it doesn’t get better than that. At bewakoof we bring to you what we believe is best for you and your pocket and funkfeets is it. 

The quirkiness of these shoes can be observed in the wide palette of colors that have been used in the creation of the same. The one thing that we adore the most about them is that they are durable and hence, will keep you company for a longer time than any of your traditional shoes did. 

Revolutionary and Fun

Funkfeets are not just shoes but a revolution for the fashion industry. The carefully creative industry with its fixed rules and regulations is undergoing a full-blown revolt. The borders of formal and informal are blurring and the millennials prefer to wear footwear that speaks to them and represents them as they are. 

Why Choose Funkfeets curated at Bewakoof?

  1. Comfort: The cutie patootie sneakers by funkfeets are very comfortable and good for wearing long-term. This is the only footwear that every time you look at will make you smile. They are definitely a part of the casual shoe section but worth wearing. 

  2. Durability: These shoes if well taken care of will last you a few years. Yes, these may be casual shoes but you won’t be able to get rid of them that easily. Funkfeets wants its customers to remember them always.

  3. Style: These are the hippest and coolest shoes available at the moment. The only casual shoe that represents your quirky and fun side. It gives people an insight into who you are.

  4. Conversation-starter: If you are planning to go on a trip or just out generally these sneakers by funkfeets can prove to be quite the conversation starter. 

So, what are you waiting for, go and buy the quirkiest sneakers available to mankind online now!