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Go Crazy With The Go Colors Collection On Bewakoof 

Have you ever stared at your wardrobe for 20 minutes and still couldn’t figure out what to wear for the day? Did you then inevitably choose a simple pair of leggings and paired it with a stylish kurta for your outfit of the day? This is the story of many women who enjoy the comfort and style of leggings for women. Leggings are a woman’s best friend, and there is no denying it. From fancy festival looks to casual college wear, leggings find their way into our everyday outfits. 

Now every girl has staple black leggings in their wardrobe, but many like to experiment with different colours and prints. This is where Go Colors leggings come in, dazzling you with their range of colours, making sure you have the perfect outfit for every occasion. As a young Indian Apparel Brand specializing in lowers for women, it pushes the boundaries of fashion while prioritizing comfort.

Go Colors legging pants have quickly emerged as one of the best selling leggings for women on Bewakoof. Not just leggings, but the different other types of lowers for women that this brand has included in their collection, is appealing to our shoppers of all ages. So without further ado, let’s dive in and check out what their collection has to offer:

Go Colors Leggings Pants For Women - Pick a Hue

The first and most popular on the list are the Go Colors legging pants, which you can find in the women's clothing section on Bewakoof. These leggings for women are an embodiment of pure comfort and supreme style. They look great, they feel great, and they are available for a very reasonable price. You know what that means, don’t you? You can have a different colour for every occasion because one can never have enough leggings. Here are some things you should know about these lowers for women. 


  • Rise - These leggings are mid-rise and come with a very soft, adjustable elasticated waistband.

  • Length - Keeping in line with modern trends, the Go Colors leggings are ankle length and channel a trendy, contemporary vibe.

  • Fit - Show off those curves in the skinny-fit style leggings. They are super soft and stretchy. 

  • Material - The Go Colors legging pants are made of Cotton Stretch (95% Cotton and 5% Poly)

Style Tip

Apparel is only as good as its styling. To make the most of the Go Colors leggings pants for women, style them with any indo-western tunics, tops, and kurtas. For a more casual look, pair the leggings with a long top, throw in a jacket, and some boots, and you will have a thoroughly modern rock-chick look. 

Go Colors Linen Palazzo 

God bless whoever invented the palazzo because there are no other lowers for women that are as chic and as comfortable as a palazzo. The linen palazzos offered by Go Colors are slightly different than your regular palazzos because of the stylish design and cut that puts a twist on the latter and gives it more shape. The result? A trendy, modern, and fresh design that will turn heads for sure. These lower for women are quite coveted and make for a wardrobe staple. Check out what the collection has to offer: 


  • Rise - These linen palazzos are high waist and can be paired with all kinds of topwear. 

  • Length - Full-length palazzos will not drag on the ground because there are better ways to clean the floor ladies.

  • Fit - A wide-leg fit that is loose and super comfortable. They have additional detailing of hem cuffs, which offer extra mobility. 

  • Material - The Go Colors linen palazzos are blended fabric, made of namely linen and viscose.

Style Tip

Palazzos are super versatile and can complement every other kind of top wear. While almost everyone pairs palazzos with kurta and Indian tops, you can always check out some funky, out of the box styling inspirations. Bewakoof has a stellar range of crop tops that would look super hot when paired with palazzos. You can also experiment with shirts, jackets, and blazers over palazzos for a formal chic look.

Go Colors Denim Jeggings

Say hi to leggings’ distant cousin, jeggings. Want the look of denim but with the comfort of leggings? Then these denim jeggings are the ideal fit for your mood. So when you feel like you have too many Go Colors leggings, maybe it’s time to try out the twin. What say?


  • Rise - Mid-rise with an elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit

  • Length - Ankle-length jeggings that cut off at precisely the right point, making the design look way sleeker

  • Fit - A super chic tapered fit that accentuates your curves in all the right ways

  • Material - The denim jeggings are made of denim stretch, including 95% cotton and 5% polyester. 

Style Tip 

The Go Colors denim jeggings have a super cool vibe that would work very well as streetwear. You can pair a pair of jeggings with basic t-shirts and throw in a jacket for that extra glam. Pair them with boots or sneakers to complete the look.  

Lowers For Women: Make Go Colors Part Of Your Wardrobe 

The Go Colors collection on Bewakoof has some of the best lowers for women you will find on the internet. This young apparel brand is taking women's clothing by storm. Explore the Go Colors leggings or settle for their super-popular palazzos. These comfortable fabrics will light your wardrobe and your life.