iPhone 13 Pro Covers & Cases


So, you eventually got your hands on the brand-new iPhone 13 pro mobile, launched earlier? Well, what next? The most evident aspect that appears second is to look for protection against all the unintended drops. Whether you are lazy or not, accidental falls are almost impossible to avoid at times. We have resolved this query for you with our dapper iPhone 13 Pro cover, which will always safeguard your iPhone. 

When it comes to iPhone 13 Pro cases, we at Bewakoof have a vast range of covers that'll consciously suit your varying needs.

Most of us buy high-end iPhones to use them for at least 2 to 3 years. Thus, we must ensure that it persists for those many years. Here comes the role of mobile covers, from making your latest phone look striking to protecting your phone from all the unwanted accidents, scratches and drops.

Bewakoof - The good place to opt for iPhone 13 Pro Cover. 

Many of you may wonder why buying an iPhone 13 Pro cover is essential from Bewakoof, and the list may go on and on, but the below-mentioned pointers clear your doubts. Bewakoof, a home-grown brand has become a household name and is known for its quality of products, varied options, categories and price affordability. Bewakoof.com has the quirkiest and most exciting mobile covers in the Indian marketplace that even applies to iPhone 13 Pro covers. The best part of this venture is that if you are unhappy with the purchase, you can return or exchange it in 15 days for a refund. It is even excellent for the ones who are Bewakoof TriBe members as they even get a good discount.                               

iPhone 13 Pro Cover for Men and Women 

We know exactly how much you love phone covers, and hence we have crafted designs, textures and quality of the phone covers in a way that precisely matches your preferences. Whether for college, casual hangouts, long drives, dinner dates, parties, or everyday use, phone covers indulge in every aspect of our lives. We tend to change them often according to special occasions or events; hence, there are essential things that you must consider: quality, price and design. The quality factor helps in the durability of the cover. The price enables us to buy as many as we wish and the design enables us to portray our personality and taste preferences.                    

Why is it beneficial to use iPhone 13 Pro Cover? 

Mobile covers are essential, especially for high-end, expensive phones like the iPhone 13 Pro. In daily life, it is tough to protect your phone from accidental bumps & scratches. Opting for the back cover helps prevent your phone from any extreme damage. Nowadays, most phones come with a fragile glass backing that can easily shatter if dropped from a height. This cause may completely ruin the phone's appearance, and to prevent this from happening, it is advisable to use a back cover.

At Bewakoof, iPhone 13 Pro covers are beautiful and provide the ideal protection. People stray from buying flip covers as they ruin the look of the phone and are not that effective at guarding the device. iPhones are constantly kept on the table and in the pockets with keys and coins; hence, while removing those, your phone might fall, which is why it is crucial to use an iPhone mobile cover.

iPhone 13 Pro Cover – Bewakoof's Beneficial Features. 

When it comes to mobile covers, we first look at their features so that we are assured about buying them.

1. Bewakoof iPhone 13 pro covers are durable, complex and made of robust plastic.

2. No sharp edges or seams ensures safe use and exudes a high-end form. The finish is immensely even and rounded.

3. The printing and textures on the covers are of exceptionally high quality, ensuring that the prints don't diminish away even after daily use.

4. The most significant aspect is the pricing. We have inexpensive phone covers ranging from Rs. 199 to Rs. 349. 

5. The covers are purposely formulated in their lightweight and slim profile so that you don't feel bulky or heavy while holding them.

6. We craft covers with a matte finish for a super cool feel and good grip.

Bewakoof's Designs and Patterns in the iPhone 13 Pro Covers 

Patterns- You will find that many mobile covers & phone grippers at Bewakoof have a quirky and appealing design. From simple to intricate ones, Mandala patterns, Halloween prints and floral designs with profound messages to pop culture and sports, name anything and our mobile covers collection already have it. 

Designs- Our array of iPhone 13 Pro covers consists of the following designs: - 

1. Significant life quotes or motivational sayings

2. Covers with an enhanced appeal are overloaded with cute cats, unicorns, pandas, elephants or other pretty things

3. Covers in a serene vibe because who doesn't love nature, right? 

4. The floral designs because flowers are the best way to make everyone's mood refreshing and happy   

5. Major hits are the pop culture designs like Avengers covers, Ironman, Spiderman-themed and even Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse, Disney covers.

6. Sports enthusiasts will surely love our collection because the covers consist of pictures of sports icons. 

7. Are you someone who loves minimalist patterns and designs? Don't worry, as Bewakoof.com has covered you with simple iPhone 13 Pro cover layouts.  

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