iPhone 13 Pro Max Cover


Mobile phones have always been an essential part of people all around the globe. We have resorted to using our phones not only for entertainment, listening to music but also for work, staying in touch with our beloved ones and keeping up with the world's updates. 

One of the most popular choices in the Indian market at present is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. So, with your desire, if you have acquired the brand-new iPhone 13 Pro Max, why not get an iPhone 13 Pro Max cover for a good combination? Mobile covers not only look fantastic, but they also take care of your phone like no other. So, explore our assortment of iPhone 13 Pro Max covers and get your favourites now! 

Why should you opt for iPhone 13 Pro Max Cover? 

Mobile covers are crucial when it comes to high-end, expensive phones. Most people who buy expensive phones like the iPhone want to use them for a minimum period of two years. If you want to make sure nothing happens to it and it looks brand-new, you must opt for a preferable iPhone cover and phone grippers which will make sure to protect your phone from any damage. Many of you may think that iPhone 13 Pro Max covers at Bewakoof might be pricey? But undoubtedly, our array is exceptionally affordable with good quality mobile covers.   

An iPhone 13 Pro Max cover is much more substantial than a flip cover and provides the utmost protection. Flip covers may also ruin the look of your iPhone, but you can choose Bewakoof’s iPhone 13 Pro Max cover for a remarkable look and protection. iPhones are all about standard, making a difference coming from the high-end market. Hence, it is crucial to acquire mobile covers that are perfectly suitable, match their look and in most excellent quality for them to safeguard your phone.  

Your mobile phone is always in your hand while you are in public and mobile covers with a unique texture, and cool quirky back covers are what catches the eye. Not only for the excellent look, but the design and your keys can represent your personality well, and you can choose a case you want to enjoy looking at. In fact, mobile covers nowadays come with stunning and quirky designs. On Bewakoof.com, you are sure to find an exclusive iPhone 13 Pro Max mobile cover that matches your aesthetic. 

Why should you buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max Cover from Bewakoof?

Bewakoof.com has been functioning in India for a few years now. The home-grown brand has evolved into a household name today because of its product' quality and fair, inexpensive pricing. Bewakoof.com has the quickest and most attractive mobile covers in the Indian market which also refer to iPhone 13 Pro Max covers. The significant part about buying from Bewakoof.com is that if you are unsatisfied with it, you can return it within 15 days for repayment. If you pertain to a membership policy on Bewakoof called the Bewakoof TriBe, you can get the covers for additional discounted rates. Even more mobile accessories like earphones etc. are usable on our site.

Characteristics of the Mobile Covers on Bewakoof. 

Before you purchase any phone cover, it is very significant to look after its characteristics to get your preferred option. So, without any further ado, let's get into the features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max cover: - 

1. The iPhone 13 Pro Max cover is made of durable hard plastic, which helps safeguard your phone.

2. The covers are impact-resistant and protect the phone from any scratches or drops. The body itself does not break due to an effect. 

3. The forefront bezel is raised to provide extra protection to the screen.

4. The covers have a matte finish that feels extremely good to hold on to.

5. The printing on the covers is of exceptionally high quality, ensuring that the prints don't fade away even after daily use.

6. The covers are incredibly lightweight and have a slim profile that prevents your phone from being bulky or heavy to hold.

7. The cut-outs are placed purposefully and pose new hundreds to accessing the buttons. They are precisely tailored, keeping in mind what the device comprises.

8. The quality feels supreme as there are no sharp edges or seams; it is smooth and rounded.

9. The pricing is highly affordable; for the iPhone 13 Pro Max cases, the pricing starts from Rs. 249 and goes above Rs. 299. If you are a TriBe member, you even get additional discounts at these rates. 

10. If you are buying the mobile iPhone 13 Pro Max, it is essential to opt for a cover equally excellent quality-wise as well as in the looks; our collection comprises all these attributes.

Once you explore our assortment, the affordable pricing and various designs will make you want to buy not only one but many more cases in one go, which keeps your phone looking fresh for a long time. 

What kind of Patterns is available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max Cover at Bewakoof? 

If you are thinking about what kind of designs are available on bewakoof.com, then feel assured you will find the exciting choices. We have something for everyone that will suit your personality and matches your taste.

1. Structures - You will come across many mobile covers with quirky and cute patterns in our collection. Right from simple to elaborated ones, and attractive to stylish ones.  


2. Quotes- Are you a fan of motivational sayings and quotes? If yes, our collection of iPhone 13 Pro Max covers is fortunate for you as we have covers consisting of messages.

3. Floral- There is no doubt that most people love flowers, and what is the most excellent way to portray that apart from choosing a phone with floral prints? With splashing colours and exciting textures, you are sure to love them.

4. Scenery- Who doesn't love enjoying a beautiful view, isn't it? Bewakoof.com has some classy, elegant cases for nature enthusiasts who want to express a serene vibe.

5. Sports- All the sports lovers out there, we have a decent match for you and our iPhone 13 Pro Max cover collection, which will indeed make your day.

6. Pop Culture- Boost your cool dude aura with mobile covers from Bewakoof that recite the personality of pop culture lovers. We recently teamed up with Marvel covers , Disney mobile covers and the Avengers-themed covers. You can explore Ironman and Spiderman theme back covers in our array and in addition to Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse, which we know you all love.

7. Modest- Are you a fan of simplicity? Keeping your taste birds in mind, we have uncomplicated yet classy designs for you all.

8. Sweet and lovely- For those who love a hint of cuteness and your choices, Bewakoof.com has iPhone 13 Pro Max covers and patterns like unicorns and pandas. 

9. Zodiac Signs- What's the most excellent way to exemplify your personality than choosing covers in your zodiac sign, right? So, choose your back covers according to your zodiac sign and walk-in style. 

Join our Bewakoof TriBe Family 

We at Bewakoof are always at the forefront to make your shopping experience memorable. Hence, we exemplify to you our tribe membership which has exclusive deals, sneak peeks and various other offers. We greatly care for your hassle-free online shopping, and that's why we also offer returns and exchanges in case you didn't like or have any other issues with the product. 

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