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Nobody wants to end up with the dreaded smashed screen of an iPhone that we have often seen. Be smart and stylish with the new iPhone 7 logo cut covers that are among the popular choices for iPhone’s protective cases. As smartphones evolve in design every year, each new version gets slimmer, lighter, and smoother with sleek finishes that make it prone to slipping, falling, and cracking. It comes in convenient sizes that fit into our pockets but makes it even easier to slip out without realizing it. Protecting a phone as fragile and expensive as an iPhone is essential. Cover cases for phones minimize impacts and prevent physical damages. While many of you may dislike the idea of adding a cover to the phone because it takes away from its attractive appearance, modern-day phone cases are designed to be equally stylish. Even in phones like iPhones, you will find a plethora of back cover options to choose from.

iPhone 7 comes in various color finishes, including rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black. To cover this stylish finish, Bewakoof offers equally stylish phone covers. If you’re one of those people who find it necessary to keep their phones protected at all costs, find smart and cost-effective ways to protect that phone with Bewakoof’s stylish iPhone 7 logo cut covers.

How are logo cut cases different?

Logo cut cases are specifically designed for iPhones allowing you to flaunt your Apple device in style. The iPhone 7 logo cut back cover has a circular cut out on the back surface, enabling a full view of the apple logo. The logo cut design is comfortable and gives a good grip with a neat finish and easy access to all standard ports and buttons. The iPhone 7 logo cut back covers are designed in a matte finish with high definition prints that look very attractive and eye-catching.

Why choose Bewakoof’s iPhone cases?

Bewakoof’s iPhone cases are sturdy and durable. Since most of us are prone to dropping our phones often, we want a phone case that is impact resistant and able to withstand drops while protecting the phone. Phones tend to slip out of hand, out of pocket cases, and from the edge of the bed at random times when we are least expecting it, and it takes barely a second for that expensive phone screen to crack. No one would want that to happen to their phones. iPhone 7 is also pretty sleek in its design and prone to slipping if not appropriately gripped. Bewakoof’s perfectly designed iPhone 7 logo cut case gives you the protection an iPhone needs and provides a style factor that we all want while flaunting our phones.

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Popular designs on logo cut covers

The iPhone 7 logo cut back cover is available in a variety of eye-catching designs. Whether you are fond of Marvel characters, Star Wars or simply want cool and trendy abstract designs, Bewakoof has a collection of a wide range of prints. When you buy an iPhone, the cover you buy along with it should be equally attractive and classy. The designs reflect a fine combination of trendy and attractive pop culture prints. 

  • The camo cover – the camouflage inspired print in black and grey is an abstract but stylish printf.

  • Abstract prints with messages – if you like making a statement or connect with catchphrases to be flaunted, get them on your phone and show off.

  • Cartoon characters – those still fond of incorporating some fun childish elements to their phone covers can go for famous cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, Tweetie printed cases.

  • Disney prints – Disney princesses and other characters are a popular choice among many teens featuring Frozen’s Elsa and Ana, Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, Olaf etc.

Attractive features on Bewakoof’s iPhone covers

Bewakoof’s iPhone logo cut covers are designed with hard polycarbonate material that ensures that your phone remains lightweight and provides optimum functionality. The high-quality cases have slim profiles keeping in mind the sleek design of the iPhone. Unlike many phone back covers sold online, the iPhone 7 logo cut covers by Bewakoof have a matte finish that do not chip, peel or wear off due to daily use and wear and tear. This keeps the covers looking new and stylish even as you use them regularly over a long period of time. The designs are tailored as per the device shape to ensure that you can have easy access to the buttons on the side and the camera at the back and front.

Seamless and well-rounded design ensures a smooth finish moulded with precision and having no sharp edges.

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