Ishaan Khatter's Top Picks


Ishaan Khatter's Fashion Sense: A Look at His Top Picks from

Fashion has always been a big part of our lives, and it only gets more exciting when a celebrity shares their own fashion sense with us. One such celebrity is Ishaan Khatter, who has been taking the world by storm with his remarkable acting skills. But, Ishaan's style statement is also something that demands attention. Let’s exploring Ishaan Khatter's top fashion picks from our online fashion store

  1. Black Panther Merchandise

As a big fan of the Marvel Universe, it's no surprise that Ishaan's first pick is the Black Panther t-shirt. The shirt features a striking design of the Black Panther's famous hand cross symbol "Wakanda Forever". The bold design on the black tee is bound to catch eyes wherever you go. It's a must-have for anyone who loves superheroes, as well as anyone who wants to make a statement with their outfit.

  1. Naruto T-Shirt: 

Next on Ishaan's list is the Naruto t-shirt. Naruto is a widely popular Japanese anime show that has captured hearts globally. The tee features an iconic shot of Naruto Uzumaki, the show's main protagonist. The orange and black color scheme, combined with the show's protagonist, will appeal to fans and non-fans alike. Plus, it's an excellent addition to your anime collection that you can wear with style.

  1. Batman Vengeance T-Shirt: 

Ishaan's third pick is the Batman Vengeance t-shirt, a design inspired by the release of the movie in 2022. The classic black logo of the bat symbol is enhanced with a modern-day touch. The font, the batman t-shirt, and the intricate detailing of this mesmerizing design is pleasing to the eye. The batman t-shirt is suited for a casual day out with friends, a trip to the movies, or any occasion where one’s personality can shine through their clothes.

  1. Oversized T-Shirts: 

Oversized t-shirts aren't just in style; they're quickly becoming a staple in any wardrobe. Baggy and comfortable, the oversized tees can easily be paired with jeans or shorts for a complete look. Ishaan too, is a fan of this trend, citing comfort and ease as his reasons for loving oversized tees. They work great for anyone who's looking for an effortlessly chic look. has a variety of oversized t-shirts to choose from, so you can make your personality shine through one shirt at a time.

  1. Hoodies and Baggy Jeans: 

Finally, no outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. For Ishaan, it's hoodies and baggy jeans. This combo is perfect for days when you want to be comfortable yet stylish. The baggy jeans are ideal for lounging around, while the hoodie keeps one warm and cozy. The two can be paired together for a casual yet trendy look. Plus, has a range of hoodies and baggy jeans options for everyone's unique taste and style.


In conclusion, fashion is all about expressing oneself, and Ishaan Khatter's fashion sense showcases that perfectly. From comfortable and easygoing oversized tees to the striking designs of Naruto and Black Panther, to the modern take on the classic Batman logo, these picks are sure to inspire anyone's sense of style. And, with, you can add these trendy items to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. So, take inspiration from Ishaan Khatter's fashion choices, and make these top picks a part of your daily wear!