Jerry T-Shirts for Women


Is the drill of the pencil skirts at work and the LBD for after hours tiring you out? Are you craving for a chic but comfy line of clothing that won’t make you look like a rebel without a cause while at the same time give your skin a welcome break? 

Bewakoof’s kitty of cool and suave t-shirts brings you just the style statement that you seek. A beautiful melange of delicate fabric with exciting colours and unique graphic prints makes this collection stand apart and qualifies as a must-have for every modern woman. 

T-shirts have meandered into the women’s wardrobes through a rather audacious path of rebellion and unlearning. So in more ways than one, t-shirts symbolise today’s empowered women who live life on their terms. But, every strong woman has a carefree, mischievous side to herself and to pamper just that Bewakoof has curated this fun and nostalgic Jerry T-shirt collection. 

Are you tempted to grab one for yourself yet? Here, we will help. 

Modern Wear for Modern Women

From the days of the corset to that of the crop tops, the rulebooks of fashion seems to be overflowing with dos and don’ts for women. Frankly, the dictates of the world of fashion may not spare anyone, but somehow the glares seem to be a little extra focused on women. 

But, gone are those days when women had to conform to the society imposed standards of dressing. In our contemporary times of “my body, my rules”, our independent sense of style and comfort determines what we’ll wear. At a time when “athleisure” has become the reigning order of the day, women are happily transgressing the traditional confines of bodysuits and corsets and embracing the stylish but comfortable clothing.

Since the 1920s, a seismic shift occurred in the dressing patterns of women and major fashion labels started normalising unisex clothing and thus began the inseparable romance of t-shirts and women’s clothing lines. 

Picture the ever-elegant Coco Chanel and her courageous nautical striped t-shirts. Her feminine grace didn’t flinch even a bit, instead, it accentuated her empowered self. Androgynous but classy, comfortable but aesthetic became the mantra of the new age womenswear and t-shirts spearheaded this fashion revolution. 

Why t-shirts you ask?

T-shirts are counted among the most versatile pieces of clothing. Stitched out of comfortable fabric, t-shirts can be worn as an underlayer, as a standalone top to go with trousers, denims or dungarees, and even skirts. 

Does a long day await at work? Just grab a mellow coloured tee and throw in a plaid shirt. Your formal yet cosy look is all set. 

Need to head to a party straight from work? Get yourself a body flaunting monochrome tee, pair it with a defining neck accessory and you’re ready to look suave and stunning at your gala. 

Be it camping or a long relaxed weekend at home; t-shirts have become intractable from any girl’s wardrobe. 

You need not be in “shape” to look good in a t-shirt. T-shirts are usually made in flexible sizes and, the looser the t-shirt, the more relaxed you’ll look. 

One doesn’t need much convincing for purchasing one’s nth t-shirt, but yet another reason to seal the deal is that t-shirts are perhaps the easiest to maintain. Forget about the delicate creases and tears in dresses, with t-shirts, embrace your carefree, unshackled life. 

In fact, Bewakoof’s collection of graphic t-shirts include a wide range of designs and styles to suit the diverse needs of women. Be it funky slogans or some cool graphics or merely the elegant monochromes; you’ll never run out of the variety in t-shirts. Bewakoof’s tom and jerry t-shirts have consistently been in demand for today’s changemakers whose youthful vibe remains unchanged. 

Treat yourself with Bewakoof’s Jerry T-shirts

Modern women have overcome a lot of hurdles and have come a long way to have trends in womenswear. But making a style and socio-political statement doesn’t necessitate donning a sombre look. Our modern women can scale any heights but remain the excitable and lively girl that she once was. Bewakoof’s Jerry T-shirts for women are a perfect embodiment of the inner strength and vivacity of today’s women.

Some loves are forever, and our nostalgia ridden affection for Tom and Jerry has become eternal. A Cartoon Network show that ran for decades only on the premise of a cat and mouse chase stood for a lot more than just that. Yes, you guessed it right, I’m referring to Tom and Jerry. 

This show was witness to so many spellbound afternoons; it was the ultimate source of joy for us 90’s kids. The fulcrum of this show was a perfect pairing of the opposites. Tom’s boisterous rage and Jerry’s menacing mischief were diametrically opposite to each other. Yet the two represented a sense of inseparable harmony which wooed as children. Bewakoof’s tom and jerry t-shirts for women collection captures this harmony perfectly. 

Incorporating the groovy graphics of the adorably naught Jerry and captivating slogans that not just complements Jerry’s awesomeness but also that of the wearers’, Bewakoof brings to life some unique prints of our favourite character from the cartoon. Be it the “I’m not short, I’m concentrated awesomeness” or the “wanna mess with me” taglines alongside Jerry’s signature moments make this range of t-shirts irresistible. 

Using lightweight jersey material with 100% cotton and a rich palette of colours, Bewakoof’s Jerry T-shirts are suited for long term wear. Not just that, the diverse designs of Bewakoof’s Jerry t-shirts for women, gives you ample scope for custom styling. Pair it with ripped denims or tuck it in a pencil skirt and throw in a topcoat and get ready for those approving nods. Bewakoof’s designers not only cull out the bespoke prints but also pay utmost attention to the colour and design aesthetics. From classic cuts to chic crop tops, Bewakoof brings a whole gallery of tom and jerry t-shirts to glam up your wardrobe like never before.

This collection not only caters to all body types but also all pocket sizes and all of these without compromising on the premium quality of the material. Meant for regular and non-dainty use, you no longer need to worry about fading of the colours or the chipping of the prints with these tom and jerry t-shirts. You can even customise your t-shirts with unique slogans and pair it with Jerry’s playful graphics. 

Bewakoof lets you have some of the most iconic moments from the cartoon series immortalised on your clothes with the new Jerry t-shirts for women collection.

So why wait, avail of attractive discounts and get your chosen piece home now!