Lucky Sizes for Men


Variety is the spice of life, isn't it true? And variety is what we offer here at Bewakoof. 

From T-shirts to jackets to carry bags to even pajamas, yeah, we got it all. No, we are not bragging; we take pride in being a "cool" brand! 

So, what are we talking about?

Loads of stuff that you'll get tired to go through, but we won't stop surprising you. So, take a look. 

T-shirts: Who on this earth doesn't own a T-shirt or a "tee" as you guys call it? Tailored for that uber-cool fit, a T-shirt is your quintessential go-to wear with zero effort to choose at the nth hour.

It comes in every size, neither big nor small, and with a sleeve and a collar of your choice, T-shirts for Men are here to stay! We even offer Sunactive T-shirts for those looking for a little magic. Step out in the sun and let the UV rays do some 'abracadabra.'

Oh, and did we forget to mention that no matter what the time of the day, we have a T-shirt for every mood. Wear it for your first date or your first day at the office; a T-shirt is here to save your day!

Pants: Whoever said "pants" are boring, did not check out our collection. Well yes, not much variety here, but believe us, we are reaching there with loads of goodies.

Our current collection boasts of plain and printed pants that come in slim and regular-fit styles. 

Joggers: Ok, so you are clearly not a "boring pants" person, and would rather have it slightly more comfortable and casual, we at Bewakoof have a massive collection of joggers to offer.

Denim or casual, this fabulous piece of clothing comes in vibrant hues. Well, what is life without colors, huh

Pajamas: Oh yeah, you read it right. We offer a full collection dedicated to those great souls who love to spend more time lazing around in pajamas. (it's practically a religion, we tell you!)

From plain to plaid to gingham to print, check it out for yourself!

Boxers: Ok, here comes something that is the epitome of comfort, for boys at least. Perfect for roaming around in your bachelor pad, this is what pleasure feels like. 

And boy, do we have options for you to choose from or what! Plain, print, checked, knitted, multi-hued - our " What's Down" collection is sure to wow you.

Hoodies: Hmm, so you are the one always hiding in your hood? Check out the fabulous collection of Hoodies. Lots of fleece hoodies to choose from. There's even a glow in the dark one that you absolutely must try.

Jackets: Chase the winters away with an uber-cool bomber and puffer jackets. These never go out of style, trust us!

Sweatshirts: Don't like the puffy bomber jacket look, worry not. Bewakoof offers a trendy collection of light-weight fleece sweatshirts for you to cozy up into.

Accessories: What else do we have for you? LOTS. If you have a thing for accessories, then it would be a crime not to check our vast range of hip accessories.

From in-your-face mobile covers to a whirlwind of bags, from comfy sliders to silly socks, we even have quirky notebooks and wall frames.

Still not tired of browsing?

Need more inspiration? Then, browse through our "Trending" and "Now Launching" collections. That should hopefully satiate your wanderlust.

What's more? Wow, it looks like you love us already. Let us give you one more bonus collection to go through - "Lucky Sizes for men."

And what's that exactly? Lucky sizes are your chance to win a lottery. Oops, we are kidding. Not a lottery, though, but the Lucky Size collection allows you to try your luck in bagging our quirky stuff one last time. 

Why is the lucky size collection lucky for you?

Very simple. Because we don't want you to lose out on an opportunity to become " cool." No seriously, at Bewakoof, stuff moves at lightning speed (almost at the speed of light).

Before you know it, your favorite pick from our Half sleeve T-shirts for Men collection is a thing of the past. The lucky size range is your last chance at redeeming yourself!

Another great advantage? The price. We think that's the best thing about the last size left range. All our last pieces get an additional discount for being so popular. And that, our dear friend, is a bargain worth waiting for and pouncing on all at the same time.

Don't believe us? Then, do visit us during an ongoing sale, and you'll see what we mean. Stuff starts flying off the shelves faster than you ever thought. 

So, what's this brouhaha all about?

The Lucky Size collection can be anything. Our smart and intelligent algorithm skims through all our trendy collections to show you the last pieces of each of them. 

It could be anything - from the last size left of our XXL T-shirts online India collection to the last remaining jogger that you have been eyeing for a long time now. 

Maybe it's the one from the "Peek out Half sleeve T-shirts for Men" or the super-trendy bomber and puffer jackets.

Wait, it could also be the khaki chinos that your girlfriend said, would look good on you or the slim-fit pants that your mom wants to buy for you! (Well, you could buy both and make both of them happy)

Phew! That's not all, folks! The last size left is worth fighting for. It's like the last bit of dessert that you would wrestle your best friend over. 

What if you are not lucky enough even for the Lucky Size collection? Oh no, drop that mopey look. Cheer up. The game is not over yet. Even though we'll try and bring back your favorite, you still have loads to choose from. Grab on to the best deals at Bewakoof before it’s too late.