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One of those classic men’s attire is plain T-shirts. It is one of those versatile and universally accepted outfits that can be used to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion and place you are going to. It is a wardrobe staple that men cannot miss. The origin of plain T-shirts for men was less as an outfit and more as an undergarment. They functioned as a barrier between shirts and the skin absorbing the sweat and protecting expensive garments from the body’s sweat and dirt. While such T-shirts have remained as vests, T-shirts evolved into a proper outfit after the 19th century. 

Plain tees for men are usually of two kinds—one without collars and one with a collar. The ones without collars are versatile pieces easily available online. They can be half sleeved or Full sleeved and available in solid colors or ones with graphic prints or quotes on them. Collared T-shirts make for excellent casual wear or as semi-formal outfits when paired with jeans or trousers.

Whether it is an outfit to make a style statement in college or to sport the perfect casual Friday look at your workplace, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs of plain T-shirts online in India.

Sleeve styles

Any plain t-shirt without a collar is usually available as the commonly worn half-sleeved style or full-sleeved ones. Half sleeve solid t-shirts are ideal for the Indian weather and can be mostly paired with jeans. 

T-shirts like Full Sleeve T-shirts are less commonly worn but can make a great outfit if you want to dress up for an event or occasion where you want to strike the right balance between casual and smartly dressed. 

Fit Styles

When you want to buy plain t-shirts online, an important factor to consider is the fit of the T-shirt. Different men have different styles that they prefer when it comes to choosing comfortable attire. 

Baggy styles of T-shirts, suit everyone. They do well to camouflage any tummy bulge and are a comfortable choice without restricting any movement. Form-fitting Plain T-shirts are figure-hugging and fit closely to the chest and waist contouring the body’s shape. For choosing the perfect fit of a form-fitting  Plain T-shirt, you must ensure that the shoulder points of the T-shirt sit at the right place. Droopy shoulders or tighter ones will make your T-shirt fit awkwardly and restrict normal movement in it. Form-fitting  Solid T-shirt for men is great to sport your biceps in. 

Whether you choose a loose-fit style or a form-fitting one, ensure that the length of the Plain T-shirt sits right on your body. The best way is to raise your arms and see if it exposes too much above your waistline. 

Sporting the perfect outfit with your plain T-shirt

Plain T-shirts look amazing best paired with neutral-toned bottoms, be it Denim Jean for Men or other trousers. Especially when it comes to styling plain graphic T-shirts without any collars, they can look best with a classic pair of blue jeans or a black one for giving across a stronger style statement.

Full Sleeve Black T-shirt is an excellent look to sport for low-key events where you want to look effortless and casual yet dressed up enough for the occasion. These Black T-shirts can be paired with trousers and worn to the office for a casual Friday look. Pair it with a blazer, and you will be ready to make a style statement for a post-work dinner or a date night. The versatility of black T-shirts makes them a popular choice since they are more suited for all ages.

Our Polo Neck T-shirts or collared T-shirts can be sported with trousers, with the T-shirt untucked or tucked in depending on the occasion and your comfort level.

Graphic Printed T-shirts

Graphic printed tees are popular amongst youngsters. Printed T-shirts open up a whole range of possibilities for making a style statement, flaunting something you love or simply giving in to pop culture. Bewakoof offers a collection of graphic and plain T-shirts online in India, which give you a good range of choices. For all the Marvel, Harry Potter, Batman, Superman, and GoT fans out there, there is something for each one of you. 

Wardrobe Staples

T-shirts by themselves are a wardrobe staple for all men. When it comes to choosing the right color, you must make sure you have a plain T-shirt in shades of white, black, and navy blue or gray, the latter two being optional. These neutral tones are a great set to have in your wardrobe since solid T-shirts in black or white make it easier to pair them with any colored bottoms and blazers if you choose to wear one.

Collared T-shirts or Polo Neck T-shirts in solid colors are another versatile wardrobe staple and a must-have. Color-blocked stripes or very small prints are usually shared on polo neck t-shirts. They give a more semi-formal look because of their collar and make for suitable semi-formal outfits to wear to work as well.

Plain T-shirts as gifts

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, Bewakoof has a whole range of solid plain tees in a wide range of sizes and colors. Graphic or plain T-shirts for men make useful and affordable gifts for birthdays or any other occasion. 

Online shopping for Best Plain T-shirts for Men

Browse and buy plain t-shirts online from Bewakoof by registering an account. Their 15-day refund, comprehensive size chart, and ongoing sales and discounts make it a popular place to indulge in some shopping spree. The website offers filter features categorizing its products based on color, style, pop culture, type of graphic content, etc. that makes it easier for you to browse through their extensive collection of T-shirts and much more. 

For detailed information about the plain T-shirts online in India and the quality of their products, you can find fabric information provided that enables you to gauge the quality of the material before making your purchase. 

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