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Mint and Oak is a brand known for making socks of high quality for both men and women. Their motto is to keep the socks fresh and timeless as that of Mint and Oak in day-to-day lives. 

If you are looking for socks this season that will go hand-in-hand with the trend, would be stylish and give you the utmost satisfaction then Mint and Oak is the brand for you. Bewakoof is the platform where you can look for such trendy socks for your daily usage or special occasions.

One might consider a pair of socks to be something very basic. But those of you who go out for work and various other activities regularly and have the need to wear a pair of shoes will know the importance of it. 

So, let’s make our days better and brighten it up with colourful designs and patterns of socks. Little things like these make our days better. 

There wasn't much development to date in socks designs. Mint and Oak do away from this boredom to produce new and quirky designs that not only you can wear outside but also wear during a fun game night at your place. 

Colours play a crucial role to make the mindset of the people better. It has an impact on those who often feel dull about their outfits. Therefore, Mint and Oak bring out to you newly curated designs. Designs related to various cartoon characters or your favourite animals. 

Gift your close ones this season Mint and Oak Gift Box of 3 Socks Handpicked, which is a beautiful little box with three pairs of anklet socks in colours red, grey and blue. Those of you who want to know the perk behind this gift box, go and check this out now only on Bewakoof.

With little characters printed on all the products, it also believes in providing a material that is skin-friendly and antimicrobial.

The material of any cloth especially for socks should be extremely genuine. As we all are aware that sweating feet is a common thing in India because of the hot weather. 

To overcome the sweat and smell during such times, it is important to choose your pair of socks wisely and Mint and Oak believe in keeping all the factors in mind. It is stitched in such a way that the areas which are prone to wear and tear will get covered beautifully. 

Those who go to the office regularly and need to wear formals can go for a Gift Box Of 3 Socks Mix & Match. 

With a combination of Animals Combo Socks for Women, they can own their favourite pairs of printed socks. Prints of dogs, pandas and other birds are a predominant feature in their products.

The products are made of 70% cotton, 2% Elastane and 28% Polyamide. It is a perfect composition for ideal socks clothing and one should grab this bestseller offer right away.

Go get your deals now only on Bewakoof with additional discounts for those who are Tribe Members on Bewakoof. 

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