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Give Your Phone A Good Life With Cross Loop Charging Cable

What is the most important accessory to a smartphone? It’s not the earphones and certainly not the battery. It’s the charging cables because a phone without a charging cable is as good as being useless once the battery dies. Can you use your phone or any device without charging them? It’s like how we humans can’t live without water, the charging cables are the lifeline for your phone.

For all the phone crazy users, you know that the cable serves a dual purpose: charges phones and transfers data. While they are built strong, over time, with regular usage, charging cables become terribly slow in charging your phone and are ineffective in transferring data.

So, what is the solution? We recommend that you buy a strong and durable cable as a bad one will not just damage your phone's battery life but also cost you a lot of money. To avoid this tragedy, you need to get yourself a good charging cable.

Look no further, the CrossLoop Type C Charging Cables from will solve all your charging needs.

One of the good things about Type C Charging Cables is that it can be used in multiple devices. USB-C ports have become commonplace and are being used in devices as diverse as mobile phones, headphones, gaming consoles, laptops, and other devices that need to be charged.

There are a few reasons why you should buy CrossLoop Charging Cables.

Durability: The CrossLoop Charging Cable is made with the best quality materials that make them break-resistant and long-lasting. And as they are anti-break, it will save you the trouble of buying new cables often.

Fast data transfer and charging: USB-C technology has made fast charging and data transfer possible, as opposed to old USB technology. CrossLoop Type C Charging Cables come with 2.4 amp current that charges your device at a lightning speed. It will reduce your charging time by almost half when compared to regular charging cables.

One cable is all you need for all your devices

As Type C Cable USB reduces your charging time to almost half, you will have a lot of time to charge other devices that run on USB-C. For all you know, you may need only one cable to charge all your devices.

Flexibility: CrossLoop Charging Cables are designed to be flexible for both soft and rough use and can withstand several bends and loops without affecting the quality of charging or data transfer.

If you are on the search for high quality mobile accessories, then we have got you covered. has a diverse range of charging cables that’ll spoil you for choices.

What Makes Charging Cable Good or Bad?

1. The charging cable provided by your phone manufacturer might be good for a few months, and then it starts becoming slow.

2. CrossLoop Charging Cables are always made with the best quality materials so that they can handle all loads with ease and last long.

3. The best part is they can be used on an unlimited number of devices that have USB Type C charging points and the points don't lose their grip.

Another point to keep in mind is that from the outside all cables look the same—whether the one that the phone company provided or bought from elsewhere, however, the internal construction is different and that's where the difference lies. Many cables have a slow design in order to protect the phone circuitry and battery from going bad. Mobile Covers also play an important part when it comes to the protection of a phone. But finally, it all boils down to the cable’s ability to carry a fast speed—both data and electricity.

Check our comprehensive range of Type C Cable USB and buy one as per your choice. We are adding new designs and colors every day.

Why Should You Buy Charging Cables at

If you have the phone, we have the cables. Remember one thing, "a phone is as good as its charging cable." We know that Type C USB cables are about two-three times faster than regular cables and take pride in manufacturing the best cables money can buy.

Login to see the color and design variety of our charging cables and you will instantly fall in love. If you have a device that has a USB-C charging point, now is the time to buy a cable that will do justice to the device. For more discounts than what you see on CrossLoop Charging Cables, you can sign up and get a Tribe membership today on 

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