Mobile Accessories


The implicit fun of holding your phone within a creative, colorful, and shizzy case never fades. The more, the better. No wonder the generation seeks satisfaction in purchasing multiple mobile cases to match everyday looks, besides protecting the device.

Besides that, we have portable Bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, lens attachment, tripod stand, wireless earphones, CrossLoop earphones, USB Type C Cable, and so much more to grab from the easy technology our forefathers missed! Check out the wide range of accessories that we have for you here, at Bewakoof. From fast charging cables with 2.4 Amp to braided style earphones, available in color pop fashion.

Mobile accessories have been the trendsetters ever since. We glue ourselves to our mobile, no matter where we go. From reading headlines in the shower to visiting the most deserted island with no network coverage.

The wholesome adoption of a technology prone item has changed our lives forever. You end up finding Most of Your life's solutions in your mobile phone. Fashionable smartphone accessories make your partnership with your phone unbreachable. There are necessary purposes, as noted above. Most importantly, they save you from being obnoxious.

Most Desirable Fashion Accessories

The industry working behind making your smartphone even smarter has solutions from camera attachments to phone cases. There are so many choices out there that finding a suitable phone accessory may take forever. However, it's best to have multiple choices when it comes to fashion, so you pair up a fresh look every day. Here are some must-have phone accessories to get along in today's Hi-tech world.

Screen protectors

Even if you let go of casing your device from behind, you cannot make it through without a mobile screen protector. Glossy, or matte whatever. The lightweight, thin shield protecting your screen from shattering while it accidentally falls from your hand onto the floor can save you a lot of money. As per industry standards, it's best to have a screen protector with an oleophobic coating. The coating prevents messy fingerprints and smudges. 

Back Covers

The preliminary idea behind purchasing a back cover for your device has landed up introducing fashion over security today. But if you take our suggestion, it's best to prioritize your phone's protection over the aesthetics. Accidental drop, bumps, and elements that can destroy your device's originality can be shielded with hardcovers, which are slightly elevated from the front, guarding the screen with a thick width. Even if the phone falls with the screen kissing the floor, the entire shock is absorbed by the case itself. At, get hold of the amazing back covers that come with quotes, timeless designs, quirky memes starting from a minimal price.

Bluetooth Enabled Smart TagsWhere did you last see your phone? Can't you find it? Don't worry. Smart tags with Bluetooth-enabled systems can locate your device when it goes missing. Not only your phone, but you can also attach the smart tags to your keys, handbag, child's bag to keep track whenever you are outside. 

Warp Charger

Gone are the days when phone charging was a matter of hours. These days warp charging technology makes it possible to give your phone 100% battery life within a few minutes. Even if you do not have time to entirely charge your phone, the rapid charger gives the batteries a quick boost, enabling you to make it through the day with enough battery life. Check out the Crossloop fast charging cable collection at Bewakoof. You won't regret it.

Car Charger 

Mobile battery issues have been ever increasing. This led to card chargers gaining prominence in the market. When smartphones were launched, the population barely accessed the third generation connection. Most of the devices were working on a 2G network that consumed less battery. With the advancement of network connections landing us with the fifth-generation network today, the shift in battery-powered charging devices has led to a renewed development. Car chargers are the saviors here. 

Data Cable/ Charging Cable

Did you know data cables come with charging speed and charging current variations? 

Yes, that's correct. 

A 1A data cable with a 2A charger can charge your phone with the lightning speed. It may also land your phone battery exhausted. This is because excess electricity within a data cable cannot withstand large current transfers. A moderate baseband digital data cable, also used as a coaxial cable, can act as a medium to transfer data, charge phones, and various other purposes, enabling better usage of your device. Worried about iPhone charging cables? They are available too.

External Batteries / Power-Bank

Did you forget to turn on the switch while you set your phone on charge?

Don't worry. External batteries are a great way to make power available when you need one. Carry an external battery whenever you are outside. External batteries are the finest mobile accessories. They come in such sleek designs, with the possibility to fit in your pocket, just like your phone. Gone are the days of Civilization when electricity could not be carried externally. They come handy, cheap, and with huge battery life.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You With Better Purchase Experience

Not one person holding a mobile is unaware of the device's capabilities. With continuous updates on software, new applications, consumers are well informed about realizing the device to its full capacity. 

The proliferation and evolution of smartphones have led to a development process where consumers fail to qualify for a few measures they need to look for. Keeping such risks in mind, here are some ideas that can help you make an informed decision. 

  • Quality - Set your foot on the one that can attract attention. With the amazing collection of mobile accessories, make sure your quality serves durability.

  • Budget - Mobile accessories available today make the selection process difficult. Compare the various price ranges, select the one that fits your budget. 

  • Features - Does it make your phone look better? Is it inviting compliments? Is it making your phone a better performer? Look for the best and advanced accessories with the greatest functionalities in it. 

  • User-friendly - If the product features have a significant impact on your outlook, it must probably make a significant impact on your decision to buy. Make a smart choice and get yourself a user-friendly product design with advanced features and functionalities that adds to the convenience of carrying no matter how basic the design is. 


The certainty behind the increased demand for accessories ever since smartphones became a part of everyday life has enabled smooth technology adoption and better performance. The best part of using mobile accessories is the ease with which you can carry. 

The only issue with mobile devices today is that they do not last for more than a day. They are as powerful as a desktop, laptop, with almost every application serving in the same way like a bigger device. Phones have come a long way, and the industry making phones is even smarter working behind a long-term motive to keep the spark alive.